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"Today we’re thrilled to announce several significant improvements to the emulator, including a dramatic performance upgrade and support for a broader range of hardware features, notably sensors and multi-finger input."

Great news for all +Android Developers, a fast emulator with support for sensors and multi-finger input.
[This post is by Xavier Ducrohet and Reto Meier of the Android engineering team. — Tim Bray.] The Android emulator is a key tool for Android developers in building and testing their apps. As the power...
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Excellent ! Does the image include Google APIs so we can use it with MapView ?
Yay, I was just so confused yesterday trying to do OpenGL ES 2.0 in the emulator only to find out waaaaay too late that it simply wasn't supported. I have a feeling this will be much less of a pain than having to test on my phone every time.
Nice! Should this work out of the box on mac and win?
"The system image we’re shipping today has built-in GPU support (Android 4.0.4)." Is this is a typo because I don't see 4.0.4 in the SDK Manager?
Wonderful news!! The x86 update already made it faster. Cannot wait
Foo Bar
Ok, where can I get it? No updates in SDK manager.
Yup mine just updated as well! Awesome.
Now, if only we could have an x86 image with the OpenGL acceleration. Not that I'm complaining. Great work on both sides so far.
Actually is 4.0.3 rev 2 for the system image.
+Mike Lentini yes, linux is supported but this may depend on what GPU you have. We can't try every combo out there on linux so please let us know if you have issues.
Actually the system image of the emulator is 4.0.4 if you check Settings -> About. The GPS Emulation now works, at least in Unix systems. Nice work! Works great.
Roman M
Can't run SDK Manager after update...
A tip for those who want to run 4.0.4 tablet version with gps emulation, copy the folder WXGA from api-10 or 11 into skins of platform api 15.
The way it's worded, it sort of sounds like it's enabled by default, especially since r17 included "experimental" support for GPU emulation that had to be enabled manually (I couldn't get it working). It still needs to be enabled manually with the 'GPU emulation' AVD property, except this time I got it working. :-D

I would really like to see GPU emulation expand to the other platforms so I can test my apps more thoroughly with minimal frustration. Honeycomb is notorious for having an incredibly laggy emulator and 2.x has quite a bit of lag as well.

Ubuntu 11.04, Athlon 64 X2 4200+, 9800GTX+
I'm a bit confused. The only things that even smell like x86 in the SDK manager is Intel's Atom image for Gingerbread and Intel's Hardware Acceleration driver. Doesn't look like there is an x86 image for Ice Cream Sandwich. Do we need to build our own?
That will be awesome!
I had always problems with the emulator. Booting takes long, freezing sometimes and so on, although my machine has enough power (iCore7, 8GB Ram, ...)
I just watched the video. That's some crazy improvement! +1!
I'm also having the problem that the Emulator crashes when GPU emulation is enabled. Tried a few things including changing resolutions, deleting and creating a new AVD, but nothing helped. When I start the emulator it tries to boot and then the Windows "emulator-arm.exe has stopped working" message appears. The emulator starts correctly when GPU emulation is disabled.
Yeh PC dies some times whenever I open SDK - hope this this update will help me to solve that problem - installing the new version - thanks
But, Apple already has multi-finger input
Thank you...thank you...thank you...x3
Great to hear you're working on Bluetooth support! Would really love it!
Crashing with an error in libOpenglRender.dll here :(
Running a ATI Radeon HD 4650 on my notebook.
I wish that the SDK manager would not throw up a "Choose Packages to Install" dialog at startup listing everything needing to be updated. It's very annoying. If I cancel out of this dialog the manager's window indicates that only a few need updating. I think this dialog should only appear when installing a fresh SDK, not thereafter.
Should i see speed improvements by just updating the SDK? as as far as i can see everything runs as slow as it did before?
Emulator crashes when ever i set GPU emulation to yes when using 4.0.3, doesn't crash if i use 2.3.3 - my bad, my laptop sucks, i cannot do more then 512 of memory
Tuxerito - can you share how you tested the Android emulator changes with 4.0.3. See my comment above. Thank You.
Crashes when running with GPU enabled.
Windows 7 64-bit
newest SDK and Android Revisions
Laptop with nVidia NVS 3100M
intel core i7 M640
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