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Google Play Services 4.0

The latest Google Play Services release includes the Google Mobile Ads SDK, and offers improvements to geofencing, Google+, and Google Wallet Instant Buy APIs.

We’re still in the process of rolling out to Android devices across the world, but you can already download the latest Google Play services SDK and start developing against the new APIs using the new Android 4.4 (KitKat) emulator.

To learn more about Google Play services and the APIs available to you through it, visit the Google Services area of the Android Developers site.

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Literally 2minutes ago I've checked for any updates in Dev tools for Eclipse. A minute later KitKat is announced together with this new versions of APIs.
Seems like this is now required in the manifest: 


This should most likely be mentioned somewhere. 
When can I expect an update for this version on device?
The problem is that if you compile against the new APIs (with the new library) and install on a phone with an old Google Play Services installation, your software won't work. It will ask to update the services, which mine simply does not do! Result: your app won't work anymore until you manually roll back the changes in Eclipse to use the old library! 

Lesson learned: do NOT roll out API changes if you haven't rolled out the device installations yet! 
+Android Developers  How on earth did you manage to release this? I was just about to submit our app to our 5 million users when I noticed that our app now requests the user to update the Google Play Services and there is no update available. We have to stop our release because of this :-(

I do not know if this will be the most appropriate place to put my question, so I ask the administrators to move to the right place.

I would like to know something about the implementation of Achievements in Games and Applications.

I saw in the documentation that should be added the Achievements ID on file strings.xml and that there are several methods to display, unlock, ... the Achievements.
What like to know is how the game or application identifies the actual achievement. It is in the code itself?
For example, how does the application know that the Achievement X corresponds to the usage of the Smartphone 2 times while using the camera only once does not match any Achievement?

New Google Play Service seems causing Security Exception when trying to do GoogleAuthUtil.getToken(context, email, scope);

The exception messages says is required, however, my app does not use any Map and Location services.

My app released two months ago, but the above exceptions appeared within less than ten days. Anyone has similar problem?

Here are exception details:
Permission Denial: reading uri content:// from pid=xxxx, uid=xxxx requires
I'm having the same problem as
+Simon Xin Cheng, receiving Crashes from users unable to log in through Google. We can add a new permission to fix it, but I hate asking or being asked for more permissions
regarding this part : " associated with any persistent device identifier (for example: SSAID, MAC address, IMEI, etc.,) without the explicit consent of the user.", does this mean that if we show a dialog to the user, we can still use persistent device identifier ?
I also got the same issue and this causes us hundred of thousands crashes. Really a lame for google when they dont have notification for developers when this change comes.
Guys, there is no ascendant compatibility !
Person.collection, Person.Email are gone classes.
Method setVisibleActivity is gone
Projects' buildPath are a mess to update when you use multiple libs that use your gps.
What about libs using your gps, we need to update them and loose users that haven't update their gsm.
Perhaps the new features of the API are great, but who cares if you haven't ascendant compatibility ?
A really bad joke. Just keep in mind we are using your api, so stop messing around and insure compatibility, we don't cares about new stuff if you break all our legacy works.
good to have it in our app,
pretty helpful for the developers to have different library, which increase the size,
thanx google
hope in future all the library & sdk as a unit, so that we can use which we want, will help a lot.
bagaimana menginstal google play service yg tidak kompitabel pada perangkat
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