Today Google Play is rolling out some previously announced changes that make it even easier for tablet users to discover great apps and games. Make sure your app is taking full advantage of these changes. 

First, users browsing Google Play on a tablet now see the "Designed for tablets" section as the default view in top lists, to better highlight the apps and games that look great on tablets. Tablet users can still switch the view so they can see all apps or games if they choose.

Second, apps and games that do not meet the “Designed for tablets” criteria are marked as “Designed for phones” for users browsing the Play Store on their tablets.

To check whether your app can be included in the "Designed for tablets" section, go to the Developer Console to check your tablet optimization tips. If you see any issues listed, you’ll need to address them in your app and upload a new binary for distribution. When there are no more issues listed, your app is eligible for the “Designed for tablets" view (normal ranking and filtering still apply).

Every day thousands of Android developers are taking advantage of the tremendous Android tablet opportunity. The flood of new users coupled with the increased screen size means new user experiences, more engagement, and more monetization opportunities for your app.

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