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Vote for your favorite apps and games on the Friday Review moderator!

Developers, use the "submit a suggestion" button to nominate your app or game for review. Don't forget to include a link to the Google Play store.
Everyone else, use the voting buttons to vote--and tell us what you think using the "post a response" link under each item. The top apps and games get reviewed on air every Friday afternoon in a two-hour live show starting at 1:00pm Pacific time (20:00 GMT).
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Should developers login using their Google Play site ID or their personal/normal Google+ ID? Thanks! (I have one solely for my Android app site/biz logins + my normal/personal Gmail login I'D.)
Yo estoy iniciando en el desarrollo de aplicaciones en android quisiera unas cuantas asesorias se podra???
+Richard Creamer Please use your G+ ID. If your app is chosen for review, we hope you'll join us live on the hangout.
+Ian Ni-Lewis thank you, but it appears new suggestions are not being taken for awhile. Maybe next week...
+Richard Creamer that's a little confusing, I think. The 4-27-2012 list is closed, but the general lists (The Friday Review: Apps and The Friday Review: Games) are always open for new suggestions.

+Denny Joseph We take the top 5 games each week, chosen by popular vote and sorted by Moderator's "what's popular" ordering. I'd love to review Word Drop, it looks awesome, but what can I do? I don't make the rules, I just follow 'em. Well, OK, I did make the rules, but now that they're made, I'm following.
+Ian Ni-Lewis sorry, my statement was based on the perhaps incomplete information I could see in my phone's browser. (My Android 2.3.4 HTC Sensation 4G's default browser is quite frustrating... For instance, I can't scroll to the bottom of many web pages; one example: Also, the other day I was unable to find a download link for an Android 2.3.4 version of Chrome - only Chrome beta which is for ICS only. But I digress...)

I'll try to go to the Suggestions page on my laptop tomorrow.
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