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Developers, check this week's Friday Review moderator page. If your app appears there, please reply to this post and tell us (a) which app is yours, and (b) whether or not you'll be able to join us via Google+. Seize your 15 minutes of fame!
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:( my app didnt got selected i really wanted to discus it with Reto Meier
Join the club +Mohit Marwal.  I've put my app in every week since this started.  The closest I came was when I once saw the icon for my app fly past on the screen during on of the shows.  I'm happy that they at least installed it and took a look at it though.  It seems like only super polished apps are getting shown lately.
I am the developer of CowCannon and would like to join you (but i am not sure how to do so)
This was my first hangout here- was very educational.
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