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Google Play Services 5.0 Now Released
/with +Ankur Kotwal

Google Play services 5.0 is now available on devices worldwide, with new APIs for Android wearables, games services, secure networking, and much more. 

You can get started developing today by downloading the updated Google Play services SDK (r18)  from the SDK Manager.  API details and samples are also  available in the updated documentation. Here are some of the  highlights:

Services for Android wearables:  Your apps can more easily communicate and sync with code  running on Android wearables through an automatically synchronized, persistent data store and a reliable messaging interface.
Dynamic security provider: Provides an alternative to the platform's secure networking APIs that can be updated more frequently,  for faster delivery of security patches.
Quests and Saved Games in Google Play Games services:  Build a great gaming experience with Quests, which provide time-based events including rewards for completion. Saved Game APIs let you store and synchronize game data to the cloud, along with a cover-image and description.
App Indexing API:  With app indexing you can surface deep content in your native mobile applications on Google search and drive additional user engagement. 
More new APIs in Cast, Drive, Wallet, Analytics, and Mobile Ads.

For more information, refer to our blog post at:

For API details, please see:

For the video: FFWD4&list=PLOU2XLYxmsIIEPtRoKDnsqQdF3JZxFVWF&index=24

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Wait wait wait, did you say google play services 5.0? I just checked my version and I have 5.0.84. Perhaps I'm confused, someone please help me
Yikes, the addition of "Dynamic security provider" is a bit concerning, and makes me wonder whether Google will be adding alternate versions of other security sensitive components to GPS in the future.  I wish there was a better solution, but not sure what it is.
+Scott Burns so that means I already have the latest? if so then I'm wondering when the latest on the phone came to be latest as I got no prompt to install anything. Is google installing things behind my back?

+AGL Technology
Can I switch back, mine updated and is now crashing all the freaking time, seen it crash in the upwards of 15 times today!!!!!
Yes +Nkansah Rexford you have the latest version. It is now available worldwide but most of us already had the new version
#16 immediately after I posted that!!!!
+Nkansah Rexford Google Play Service was always updated in the background. It's the only thing on your phone, with the Play Store, updated like this because it is critical to a lot of apps.
+Matthieu Harlé but at least common sense should let it tell the user what at least it has updated itself to, if it lacked the sense to to tell the user before 
Sounds great but...When are we getting the iOS APIs for Google play games services?
Lol nvm been heads down working on android version now iOS thx
Anyone else having severe problems trying to upgrade to the newest version?
Updated Android SDK, imported play services lib in, even imported "GoogleAdsSampleActivity", but same errors no mater how many times I follow the steps, or ho many samples/ old projects I try: "Could not find class ''...."java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:".
Spent 2 days already just trying to get the "new" Google play services working, when the old one worked fine...
Hi everyone, I am new here :) I restored a Note1 i717r from another i717r using CWM recovery. Every thing else works great but it did not restore the bluetooth settings. Now I am unable to pair with my car's bluetooth on the new i717r. Is there a way to restore bluetooth files manually? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
You got to be kidding me. 4.2 used 10K method id's. 4.3 used 13K method id's. 5.0 uses over 20.000 method ids. Are you even aware of the 65335 method id limit in DEX file format? 
asking? does google plus sign in not part of new google play service 5.0? 
Hi I am unable to download the Google Play service latest update; it gives me an error and I can see many comments from Android phone users experiencing the same since August 2014...I wrote to the web developper but of course got a no reply...someone help, or tell me Google is aware of this bug and will launch another update SOON!!!
from where to download google-play-services_lib ?
+rosalie rioux-massé Yeah, the sample apps were a mix-match of versions- one worked with the newest version, the others were all the old version.
They finally updated the samples quite awhile later.
So if you update the android sdk, then import + copy 'sdk\extras\google\google_play_services' lib project + samples, it should work. And for the games, the updates samples work- but BaseGameUtils has to have google_play_services_lib project linked under project properties-> Android, and the samples have to link to that in the same way. I also had to copy 'android-support-v13.jar' into my libs folder for my project from the sample project. (would be nice if they could just package a working project, instead of 100 steps that could potentially break everything, and not being sure what step it broke at)
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