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KNOX Contribution to Android: Accelerating Android in the Workplace
Recently at Google I/O, we announced a comprehensive set of new features that will allow IT organizations to easily deploy and manage Android devices in enterprise environments. These features will be built into the upcoming Android L release.
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I'm really interested to see how many enterprise APIs have been released for Android L
Sorry meant to word it as how many will be implemented by MDM providers :)
Will the user be able to encrypt data for the managed profile without encrypting data for the non-managed profile? "block-level encryption" sounds like something done at the file system level, but the managed profile could use a separate virtual file system... or not.
anyone having more information on managed profile??
I was trying to add application to managed profile but its not working.also gcm is not working in managed profile. From where I can get more info about development on android work??
Can one account read data belonging to another?
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