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Powerful New Messaging Features with GCM
At Google I/O the GCM team announced the general availability of several GCM capabilities, including the Cloud Connection Server, User Notifications, and a new API called Delivery Receipt

Check out the resources below to learn what these capabilities can do and how to to get started with them.

Blog post:
IO Bytes video:
GCM session at I/O 2014:
Developer documentation:
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The XMPP detail is ironic considering Hangouts doesn't support it.
The only messaging feature I want is for Google voice sms
A simple and easy end-to-end encryption would be great. It would be so easy for them to make this happen, but they fear losing information they need for personalized ads...
If we're acting as a developer for multiple companies (and they give us developer access to their play store consoles), can we use our own sender ID and server API keys for GCM for all of the apps we're publishing under their accounts? Or is it preferred that we ask them to register their own IDs/keys?

does the XMPP service still need to be white listed? Where can we get white listed?

Currently we get such an error:
DEBUG    RECV: <failure xmlns="urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-sasl"><not-authorized /></failure>
INFO     Authentication failed: not-authorized
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