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At Google I/O, we introduced some new features to give you insight into how your app is performing and scale your app publishing. Today we're announcing that the Google Play Developer Publishing API is now available to all developers. 

The Publishing API lets you upload APKs to Beta testing, Staged rollout and Production, and integrate publishing operations with your release processes and toolchain. The Publishing API also makes it easier for you to manage your in-app products catalog, provide tablet-specific screenshots, and localize your store listing text and graphics. 

You’ll also want to try these other tools for gaining insight into your apps:

Alerts in the Developer Console to let you know when there are sudden changes in important stats like app installs, ratings, and crashes. You can now turn on email notifications for Alerts.

New Optimization Tips highlight opportunities to improve your app, such as when updated versions of APIs you use are available.

With Enhanced revenue statistics you can now see the average revenue per paying user (ARPPU), compare the number of returning buyers to new buyers, and more. 

Bulk export of reviews lets you download and analyze your app’s reviews using your own tools.

Improved stats for beta releases and staged rollouts let you look at stats specifically for your alpha, beta, or staged rollouts to better understand their impact.

Check out the post below for details on these and other new features in Google Play.
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Now we only need have a plugin for Jenkins or a easy way for gradle to improve our continuous integration systems!
Awesome. If somebody there is keeping track of wishlists, how about a promo code API or the ability to allow Play users to "gift" apps to other users? 
Hi All,
How to get/set the price of an android app in play store using Publishing Api.?
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