Google Play services 6.5

We're now rolling out a new version of Google Play services to Android devices worldwide. This update brings the latest and greatest APIs from Google and a new way of including Google Play services in your apps:

Google Maps - Google Maps now provides a map toolbar for quick access to common actions such as getting directions and a new ‘lite mode’ for displaying static maps.

Drive updates - We’ve added the ability add custom file properties to Drive files and you can now control when your app syncs files by network type or charging status as well as cancel pending uploads.

Google Wallet - The ‘Donate with Google’ joins the existing ‘Buy with Google’ button to make it easy to take donations from your app.

Granular Dependency Management - With this release, you’ll be able to depend only on the parts of Google Play services that you use by utilizing separate libraries for each API.

You'll be able to get started with the new APIs as soon as the Google Play services rollout is complete -- a process we expect to take several days. We'll then release the updated Google Play services SDK and you'll be able to download it through the Android SDK manager. Watch for more information coming soon.

Check out the post below for details.

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