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Android Developers hung out with 4 people. #hangoutsonairAl Sutton, טל קרלינר, Manish Dubey, and Leo Succar-Ferré
Android Developer EMEA Office Hours 16th May 2012
Android Developers and 4 others participated
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Could someone post direct youtube link. The embedded flash is all broken again on Linux + Chrome :(
That's strange though, what happens on your systems if you click on the posts picture (just out of couriosity)?
Now do you all have your proprietary drivers installed?
It usually works fine, don't know why today it does not. But on YT it's ok.
I get a black screen which shows the pause-symbol if I click on it.
question: what do you guys think about Mono for Android?
The demo version of monodroid only allows for deployment on the emulator.
hey guys!
i have a question about the arrayAdapter in combination with a listView.
every listItem contains a textView, editText and a spinner.
i need to add on every single editText a textWatcher. now here comes my problem:

i get the editText from the given convertView (if null, i call super.getView(...) and use the resulted view)
if the next few editText texts are set, all editTexts are changed (this is for sure because of to the textWatchers)
i hope you do understand my problem.
i would show you my problem on the device, but i do not have a camera + mic here (@office;) )
+Google Daily : no, but I've got a piece of C# code where i maintain a java translation for android. I'm wondering whether mono would be a way forward.
+Lucas Grünberger no, i don't quite understand, it's a shame you have no mic as i'd invite you in to ask on-air, can you try explaining again?
Can anyone provide a resource showing how to implement batch contextual actions in a ListView by using CAB and actionbarsherlock? The link here is not enough . Keeping items selected is a major pain and there are various people complaining on
Also, what is the difference between <style name="MyListView" parent="@android:style/Widget.ListView">and</style> and <style name="MyListView" parent="Widget.ListView"></style> ? Both work. Which one is recommended?
yes +Rich Hyndman
you do understand my layout?
i override the getView method from the arrayAdapter.
there i set the texts for the textView + the spinner and the predefined text in the editText.
when i scroll down and up again, the editTexts are all changed to any other editText.
so the editText text does always change if i scroll
this is only when i add a textWatcher on the editText (did some tests without the watcher)
need further infos/explanations
where to start android development at student level.?
+Lucas Grünberger the values will change as the views are recycled and passed back in to getView, you need to store and reset all the values correctly as the list is scrolling up and down.
+Rich Hyndman
how can i do this?
how can i recognize if the listview is currently scrolling?
maybe you can give me a hint ;)
i did not found anything on stackoverflow concerning my problem.
(its the first time i work with a listview)
Hello Developers,
I have question regarding android database. Do you use some ORM frameworks(ORMLite) or direct sql queries for database access? I am considering if I should use ORMLite or stay with direct sql. What is best practice? Thanks
+Martin Vandzura
i would stay with sqlite!
we used to use db4o (is also object related db) and it was horrible.
performance is realy bad compared with sqlite + you can not simply extend this db model!
+ the object names MUST be always the same, otherwise the app will crash...
please use sqlite.
Guys can you suggest me a good image manager with local cache for Android? Thanks :)
+Lucas Grünberger Thanks mate! Probably it will be better solution. I wanted to simplify database access because I will have a lot of tabels(and columns) and ORM sounds interesting. But maybe just sounds and complications will come later.
+Martin Vandzura I've used ormlite on a project and it was ok. The database had a lot of tables and each table had over 20 fields. To implement this with sqlite would have taken longer and would have been more prone to bugs.
+Martin Vandzura
please stay at sqlite ;)
i can tell you from expierence, that orm dbs sucks to hell! ;)
sqlite is more work to create, but if you have it, it works like charm! ;)
+Catalin Morosan Thanks. So now one pro and one con.
My database will be probably similar. Lot of tables with lot of columns.
db4o and ormlite are in no way related. db4o is an object database. ormlite is a object relational mapper on top of sqlite.
For me ORMlite worked just fine and was really helpful. But I do not know if its recommended. If you are using Eclipse to do Android development you might want to have a look at
+Dirk Jäckel Thanks! I started with ORMLite to give it try. But I see that GreenDao has better performance. But I will not see diference because I will have not thousands of entries. Maybe tens or hundreds. I continue with ORMLite and I will see if it works. I hope it will.
+Droid Mann Start wih hello world:) From my experience I learned most when I worked on real projecs. So let's say create some simple calculator or feed reader. And then google a lot and check examples at
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