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An #AndroidWear Design Story
by +Roman Nurik and +Timothy Jordan

"A few weeks ago, Timothy and I were chatting about designing apps for wearables to validate some of the content we’re planning for Google I/O 2014…

…neither of us had really gone through the exercise of actually designing an app for Android Wear. So we set out to put our ideas in practice and see what designing for this new platform is like…"

Check out the blog post for the full story!

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wow that moto360 screen looks MUCH bigger on a wrist then the renderings IMO....
by far my most anticipated use is spritz.  I really would like to see it in action for email and text reading on the watch.  Other apps I'm curious to see in action are weather, clock faces, and the notification center.  hopefully theres some more apps that just seem to fit feel right on the wrist
I agree with +Jared Isch. The moto360 looks too big in the gif. That being said--in the close-up later in the post, it looks GORGEOUS with the thin round bezel. Weird that the screen seems so dark. User preference?
OSX everywhere....Chrome OS is unuseful to create some serious project :(
They did mention (iirc) that the moto360 they're using in the images was a prototype unit...  maybe it's shrunk down a bit now?  It does look extremely large
Enthusiasm apart, rather a sad story +Roman Nurik +Timothy Jordan. Till IO even (community facing) engineers within Google seem to be working with mockups. The current firmware is just another version of kitkat and native apps work. Let us just use it and release the SDK already! Beg. Demand. Request. 
Wow nice story, I could imagine the fun during the designing because I too developing an app for wearable and almost done and very amazing experience of development.
Tom M
Is this really the Moto 360? It looks like a plate, it's too big! I really hope the final product will be smaller.
way to big, let's hope it's just the prototype... excited about the xhdpi tough :)
I think the Moto 360 is a beautiful watch... if you plan on wearing it on your bicep! Please make it a little smaller so we don't feel as if we're wearing a Galaxy Note 3 on our wrists. Otherwise, nothing special about the LG watch. Square is so- Square.
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