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Android 4.4.3 aka KitKat MR2 is rolling out. In this release the WebView has been updated to Chromium M33, bringing security and stability enhancements, as well as bug fixes.

Additionally, M33 includes:
- DevTools screencast [1] is supported for WebView. Allowing easy capture of screenshots on desktop, and viewing the contents of off-screen WebViews inside Chrome DevTools
- Improved HTML5 Canvas performance with support for hardware-acceleration
- Vibration API [2] (with android.permission.VIBRATE)
- HTML5 form validation [3]
- HTML datalist tag [4]

The default user-agent string for a WebView running on Android 4.4.3 has been updated to incorporate as the version number.

Blog published by Google's Chrome development team.
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I would love to see a WebView in the support library that can be updated outside of the OS.
Does this "hardware accelerated canvas" mean WebView supports WebGL now, or just faster 2D context draw calls?
Any idea whether or not the new Android build addresses the Bluetooth Share issue thats been rearing its ugly head more and more often?
Please can the <input type="file"> issue now be fixed in WebView
Is WebRTC availble in the new WebView? 
I just updated my Nexus 5 yesterday evening to 4.4.3. When calling or receiving call still the Company name is not seen. When you have many business contacts this is a big need. In IOS this is solved with the updates last year. I hope we can also have it in the future Android updates.
y por que no largan versiones como la 4.4 kitkat para telefonos como xperia L ya que en nustro pais lo venden como novedad siempre uno se queda afuera de este sistema! 
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