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Google Play services 4.2 SDK now available

Google Play services 4.2 is now rolled out to devices worldwide. The new release includes Google Cast APIs that let you bring content to the TV, updated Google Drive APIs, and more.

You can get started developing today by downloading the updated Google Play services SDK (r15) from the SDK Manager.  API details and samples are also available in the updated documentation

Check out the links below for complete information. 

Google Cast SDK:
Drive API:
Google Play services:
API reference:

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cool. finally,haha !!! :)
Very exciting to have Chromecast support!!!

Unfortunatly this single dependency will add 11,501 methods (~1500 more than 4.1) to your total method count (out of the 65k possible)!  It would be nice to split this dependency up into segments (Maps, Ads, Chromecast, games, etc).  (YES... I know proguard can help, but it is a major pain in a dev environment)

With all this said... I still love what is being offered in the Play Services!  Good Job!
+Jeff Campbell thanks for mentioning this. Same problem here. Running proguard during development is a pain.
An easy workaround for the 65k would be another solution.
If I'm not a developer, do I have to do anything? Will my n4 just update OTA?. I've noticed Google Play Services draining a lot of my battery over the last couple of days. Is it related to this?
+Justin V This is distributed like any other app. It will update just like anything else in Google Play :).
+Alexander Gee Google Play Services updates in the background, not like other apps. You don't see it update, and you can't force it (without a manual download) or deny it.
Hopefully this time upgrade without any nullpointers ^^ 
I am now getting this error when trying to display Google maps:

Reverting to v 4.1.32 fixed the issue.  Anyone else having problems?
Anyone with a Nexus 4 with this update yet?
+William Eddins I actually had a slightly different experience than that. On my device the Maps app requested Google Play services be updated and bumped me to it's Play Store page.
LocationClient doesn't appear to be a part of the API changes/deprecations.
+Kevin Mark I guess it's because it doesn't connect to Google services nor need user consent same way as other clients (like games or plus)? Anyway, would be great if we can have some official explanations ;)
its getting better and better and its was perfect
Google is the most helpful & most pleasurable to me.
I am facing issue of "java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:" with 4.4.2 sdk. please help me on this
+uzmee imran I just updated my sdk in eclipse and everything works right now. But I don't know how backwards compatible it is
How can I make my google play service functional says that no network
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