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Google Play services 4.4
A new version of Google Play services is rolling out to Android devices worldwide. This update includes new APIs as well as a number of new features to existing ones:

Street View and Indoor Maps - Embed Street View imagery into your app & extensions to Indoor Maps.

Activity Recognition - Two new activity detectors have been added to Location API: Running and Walking.

Mobile Ads - In-app promo ads enable users to directly buy virtual goods.

Wallet Fragments - Makes it extremely easy to add Google Wallet Instant Buy to an app.

You'll be able to get started with the new APIs as soon as the Google Play services rollout is complete -- a process we expect to take several days. We'll then release the updated Google Play services SDK and you'll be able to download it through the Android SDK manager. Watch for more information coming soon.

For more information, check out the link below:

Developer blog post:
A new release of Google Play services has begun rolling out worldwide, and as usual we have a number of features that can make your apps better than before.
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Tony Owen
+John Thomas AdMob libraries are now in Google Play Services. That's all, just an improvement for developers to use.
Any chance this fixes the massive battery drain? My device doesn't even last a day anymore cause of Google Play Services... 
+Matthew Rice Typically the battery drain you see from Play Services is as a result of applications leveraging these APIs improperly. Unfortunately, this makes it rather hard to find which application is causing the drain, but it's not the fault of the GPS.
+Paul Blakely I'm not sure I agree Paul, most of the battery draining features the APIs allow are pretty hard to screw up. The patterns used to implement them don't leave a lot of room for error. The APIs are generally in charge of when things like GPS and activity recognition get triggered. Which is designed to batch all of that processing to minimize the effects on performance and battery. So far every update to Play Services seems to take a bigger and bigger chunk of my battery. 
+Matthew Rice You're right that they make it super hard to mess up, but I've certainly downloaded applications that manage to do so anyway. I'm assuming they're polling for location more frequently than they should or something to that effect.
+Paweł Prażak I suspect that is part of it but looking at the battery stats Google Play Services is typically 30-50% of the battery drain.
+Matthew Rice I don't have any Play Services battery drain issues on my N5. Usage is around 10% on my device. I guess it depends on your use case. Do you e.g. navigate a lot with your device (which I rarely do)?
+Johan Pelgrim I've got a Nexus 5 too and many days I will hardly use my phone and I see about 35% drain. Unfortunately Play Services is so much of a black box that its impossible to tell what is directly responsible. But the drain is consistently large. Not much navigation here and when I do I shut it down as fast as possible since it sucks battery. 
Google Play Service 4.4.x (4.3.x) - NOT working location via wifi on my HTC One max :( ...(4.2.x  worked fine)

please fix it
+Android Developers  What about library size? 4.3 Had about ~11K of methods. For Dalvik there is 64K limit for single dex. It's easy to reach this limit. Are You planning to split GPM library to overcome this problem?
I manually installed the new version, since I always want to have the latest and greatest and normally could easily downgrade but I can't now but this new version is keeping my phone awake with a massive new wakelock (checkin handoff). How do I downgrade?
+Matthew Rice not really. As a developer I must say that it's super easy to drain the battery with or without play services. Start a STICKY service and constant poll for fresh location. The service barely uses any battery (wouldn't even show in the list) but play services would kill any battery in very few hours.
What play services do is leveraging and make it easy if the developer wants to make stuff battery efficient, but lazy or dumb devs will always mess up.
Does anyone knows where to find the sources to include the new version in our apps?
+Pierre Benayoun after Google finishes the roll out it will be available on the SDK Manager, before that I guess the only way is if you can hack into their servers
+Ronaldo P Specifically talking about Google Play Service APIs. Like Activity Recognition, or Location Services. 
+Matthew Rice that's exactly what I'm talking about. The app I'm currently 50% of the Android development team heavily relies on Play Services location API. Start a STICKY service querying for high accuracy position every second and the GPS antenna of the device will be on all the time draining the battery in very short hours. The Play Services makes super easy to make "good citizen" app, but it still depend on the developer to proper use it.
Actually how to update google play services?
yeah how to update? im still waiting for the update on the play store!!
how do you embed streetview in google maps v2?
+Ronaldo P What would Google Play Services be storing... The app data for mine is currently at 140 MB. Are there any consequences at all for clearing it?

(I've got a large contact database that periodically crashes acore, if that's somehow related.)
I am still waiting for the update...
+Armand H. Having same wakelock issues on my Nexus 4. Anyone hsve any suggestions? 
While all those features sound nice, your update totally ruined online multiplayer in our games. Care to read the latest reviews to our game, which was rated 4.3 before?

And it was not caused by our update - the same happens in 2 other games, and spades were not updated for a month.
So, we tried to use your multiplayer solution to provide better players experience and increase players engagement.

What we got instead is a lack of control over the issues, hundreds of angry players and total silence from Google. Not even "We are looking into it".
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