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We've just released Android Studio 0.2.0!

This release contains a number of new features and bug fixes. Read the release notes carefully since there are some important notes; in particular, your projects will need to be updated to reference gradle 0.5.+ instead of 0.4.

Due to the large number of changes we're also not updating from 0.1.9 with a patch; you have to install a new bundle.
Edit: There is now a patch from 0.1.9 to 0.2.0. If you go that route, you won't get the new Android Support Repository installed automatically. Since all the templates now use it, you'll have to install it manually.

For the release notes and download links, visit

Some additional information and screenshots here:
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I'm not sure it qualifies as beta. Not even alpha actually, so you get what you get
This beta has come a long way however it has quite some way to go before it would be production ready.
Cool stuff. Now I just need to start developing.
Thank you for updates!

However I'm having problems with a instrumentTest. Android studio can't find external dependencies on test project, even though dependencies listed in project settings in "Test" scope (auto generated). This problem exists for a few versions already.
I am not complaining but last night I downloaded the 0.1.9 version. Talk about bad timing ;)
+Matt Dilley Eclipse is great, no doubt. I started with E then used intelij's ide(a). Now with Android I use only this. Helps: mostly UI enhancements (creating UI), based on intelij's open source model, and no ... what I like calling hiccups. It's only a hobby to me but have found it most helpful.
So what was said at IO about you able to update with the poweful IntelliJ was bs, now u have to download the entire binary again. Nicely done! I think I will stick to eclipse.
I've just had a quick go at this now, downloaded, installed and built myself a demo app in a matter of minutes.
very easy so far. I seem to remember the eclipse setup not being so straight-forward.
it's early days though
What is the best thing to use for production development?
+Jason Jensen If you have a team and an app already, I'd say whatever setup you have. If it's a new venture, I'd say this. 
I tried setting up eclipse.. It reminded me of a TV sitting on top of a bigger broken TV..
So NDK support dropped off the roadmap for the 0.5 gradle plugin? Sad news...
+Felix Homann Yeah, maybe it will appear in 0.5.x
Great job anyway, Studio and Gradle make a nice duo.
+Felix Homann have you found a changelog for the 0.5 release or just seen that the NDK stuff is not in there?
I wonder if LINT support will be in 0.5
Looking forward to not using Eclipse
The Lombok plugin that was installed before (and broke in v0.1.9) does not work at all now. 
Problems found loading plugins: Plugin "Lombok Plugin" was not loaded: required plugin "InspectionGadgets" not installed.
We've added patches to go from 0.1.9 to 0.2.0

Note that the templates now use the Support repository, but the patching doesn't (yet) patches the SDK bundled with Studio, so you may have to install that repository manually through the SDK Manager if you haven't done it yet.
+Eric Rooney Why no eclipse? I'm new and like it thus far, but like John Snow, know nothing.
The Android Studio stuff looks promising, but to be honest, it is far from being usable. Google, get your stuff ready before you annoy the public with wasting its valuable time with searching for solutions for your buggy development stuff.
Much more to come. Studio needs more features & updates!
Love it! Unfortunately Gradle is making me want to smash my face against the wall. ABS+SlidingMenu refuse to work. :(
Do not drop support of the IntelliJ build system, please. Gradle is not ready yet, while IntelliJ build system works good and fast.
+Robert Schneider There's a reason it says EARLY ACCESS PREVIEW in big letters at the top of the linked web page.
Guys, aside from lack of ndk support, we already can build apps with this in a fashion way simpler than eclipse. That's a plus for me.
Eclipse had many faults and was unstable even as a released product!
to be honest the ADT was the problematic component mostly
+Robert Schneider wtf? how is Google annoying public? Nobody forces you to try and waste your valuable time with pre-released software.. it is clear that it is not ready for production when it is version 0.2.0 .. 
I have pain in gradle installing - -|||
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What can the problem be if Android Studio can't run "compile """ in dependencies in build.gradle? Android Support Repository is installed.
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