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Android Jelly Bean SDK (API Level 16) is available now for you to download and use.

Check out the new APIs for rich notifications, media-based Android Beam functionality, and much more.
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Got it, Currently testing it! very smooth...
I'm downloading it right now..
Still cannot use. I cannot download anything from "Tools" folder, because the downloads are "not compatible".

I'm sitting here already for 3 days trying to install the SDK using the manager frontend. First it choked on IPv6, because some servers (from motorola) don't support Teredo. Then I could at least install API level 14 without the tools to actually do something productive with the toolkit.

I am slightly annoyed now. I'll try on native Linux distribution later. This is really stupid that the SDK cannot handle emulated Linux by #FreeBSD.
The problem is that it's the only system that's not annoying for me. Bugs in the Android SDK have nothing to do with the operating system.
I need a system where I decide what to update and when. Not the distribution. Then I need a system that does not overwrite my configuration files, because my configurations have to be considered holy and untouchable. The system may install the update template and leave the rest to me, because I know better what I want.

I am also making heavy use of the GEOM framework which does not exist on any Linux. And FreeBSD is a full distribution and not only a kernel. I like the way they separate base applications from packaged applications. I have far less problems with this.

Second thing is, I don't need any things that Ubuntu installs. I don't need Gnome, because I don't like Gnome3. I like a desktop where I can place my 20 terminals next to each other and have my windows overlapping properly.

I know better how to administrate my own PC and I don't like to change it, because of one faulty application/tool like Android SDK (which has simply errors, that's why it does not install properly). I am not sure if it is worth it. I will probably try to install some Linux in Virtualbox.
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