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1pm PDT (20:00 GMT) on Friday sound like a good time for some Friday Review action? That's what we thought, too. We're back and better than ever this Friday, with a full hour of app reviews followed by the sheer madness that is the Friday Games Review.

As always, the apps and games that made the cut this week are on the Moderator page at Developers, if your app is named, please respond to this post to let us know if you will be able to join us live.

Last week marked the debut of the Friday Review in High Definition--leaving many viewers asking, "what could they possibly do to top that?" Other viewers quickly responded, "oh, I don't know, maybe fix the audio on the hangouts, don't forget to turn the microphone on at the start of the show, and get rid of that funky echo that made Reto and Fred sound like a godlike alien race from a poorly produced episode of Dr Who?" Fear not, sharp-eyed viewers and people with functioning ears, we have addressed all of those problems!

This week's show is almost certain to be the most technically proficient ever--and, if luck is with us, we'll even have a few new features to surprise and delight you with.

As always, +Reto Meier and +Fred Chung kick things off with the Friday Apps Review at 1pm PDT (20:00 GMT), followed at 2pm PDT (21:00 GMT) by +Dan Galpin and +Ian Ni-Lewis with the Friday Games Review.

See you there tomorrow!
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Hey. I'm one of the developers for the Real Colors app. I would love to join the hangout.
Unfortunately I won't be able to join or even watch it (live) and just want to make a quick remark to +Reto Meier and +Fred Chung.

Although my app has "agenda" in the name, reminders are not yet available. But it's planned (actually, since the app's inception) and I'm already working on it since it's one of the top most requested features from my user base.
TLR Time to Rock developer here. I will probably be able to join.
When running the game, please set detail to "ultra" in the options menu. Also, for tablets use the "buttons together" option in the controls menu.
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