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Building an app for the K-12 market in the US? Starting today, you can visit the Developer Console and mark your app for inclusion in Google Play for Education. Once the app is published and reviewed, it'll be part of the ongoing pilot programs in participating schools across the United States.

To get started, take a look at the detailed guidelines at They'll help you create an app that's designed for classroom use, looks great on Android tablets, and delivers a compelling feature set for teachers and students.

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This is very awesome. Does this mean there are plans to introduce age or maturity level filtering in play market? With the onslaught of great but possibly graphic games content filtering on that level would be great.
Anything on education for adults? Technology or leadership education related would be great. 
+Guillermo Arellano check out coursera and khanacademy. Both are free to attend education sites and both have android apps
+John Kirk AFAIK, this will be a separate siloed app store, initially only available to educational institutions. I asked at I/O, what about parents, and in particular homeschoolers. The response was to the effect that they're aware of the need, and they might be able, at some point down the road, make some of the data available to the public through google play (stuff like what standards an app covers, what grade level it's appropriate for, etc.). Maybe.
+Mark Andrachek, Jr. maybe they'll let homeschoolers in if they are part of a state agency. In Texas there is the Texas Homeschool Coalition. They issue teacher ID cards to qualifying parents that "legitimize" the home as a school and grant some privileges similar to what other schools get at a legal level. We are heading into a future with more self-education, which I love and I'm sure Google will respond in kind. Clicking through the links proves to me Google is already pretty well prepared to launch.
Made an Australian themed Abc learning app for little ones, called OzABC available now on Google play!
In the opt-in are links to your other apps considered ads, or is it just third party ads?
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