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Hard to believe, but almost 3 months have passed since we launched Espresso for Android; time flies when you’re doing UI testing. Today, we are excited to share a new version with you.

Notable updates in Espresso 1.1:

Swipe view actions - swipe left or right at those wonderful view pagers (

Multi-window support - target those pesky autocomplete windows with onView.inRoot (

Type text improvements - append text in a pre-focused field by using typeTextIntoFocusedView (

A new contrib library - which includes support for interacting with Navigation drawers (

Various bug fixes and optimizations - review full list of changes here:

Happy New Year and happy #androidtesting !
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Can't wait to see those new interface features coming to normal users :)
Nice, but I would like to use cucumber to do BDD. It's a very nice tool, but the language is not "stakeholder readable", maybe in the future it will be possible to use cucumber over Espresso.
Yes +Fred Grott, to be precise "calabash". The stakeholder is writing tests for IOS and Android app with my help.
It's quite recent, by the moment it seems really nice and powerful, but the execution is slow.
Add maven central distribution please!
This library was painful to integrate into a Gradle project that's already using something like Robolectric. Dependency issue madness :P

I sincerely request you to please develop an app whereby we can play one video on different mobile screens altogether so that keeping all the phones side by side would look like one big screen where different parts of videos are being played on different phones. Just like 'Group play' on samsung galaxy s4.

Great work guys, I've been waiting for the swipe ability to test my view pagers, this helps a lot!
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