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New Cross-Platform Tools for Game Developers

Today we announced some new tools that you can use to build great cross-platform experiences into your games. 

An updated Play Games cross-platform C++ SDK now supports the newest Google Play game services such as turn-based multiplayer, Quests and Events, and Saved Games. 

There's also an updated Play Games iOS SDK that lets you integrate Quests, Events, and Saved Games using familiar Objective-C toolchains.

Last, we've added new types of games services alerts in the Developer Console to let you know about more issues that may be affecting the gameplay of your users. 

The post below has the details and links to the related docs and downloads.
There was a lot of excitement at Google I/O around Google Play Games, and today we’re delighted to share that the following tools are now available:
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Very exiting news! The team at +Trese Brothers uses Cocos2d-x and has recently adopted Play Games cross-platform C++ SDK for Heroes of Steel RPG and Star Traders 4X. Great stuff, SDK is very easy to use and Google's documentation (combined with community samples like WagonWars) make it very easy to get to production quality code quickly.
I am new to games development for Android, but given as this is a C++ SDK, should this be taken as implying that it's best to develop new games for Android in C++ rather than Java? Or is this intended primarily for existing games?
Fantastic, very excited to switch this into my Cocos2D-x projects even though it means a lot of work (I was using 2.3). Apple has been consistently rejecting me for "sign in leaves the app" when it launched to Safari when you click to sign in, does this implementation do that in-app now?
I want to known when Google will out their own game engine by java ?
Igor M
When will c++ sdk support for realtime multiplayer will be available?
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