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Android Developers hung out with 15 people. #hangoutsonairAl Sutton, Sparky Rhode, Android Developers, Edgar Garcia, טל קרלינר, Shawn Dinsmore, Tarek tk, Lubomír Čáslava, Moshe Be, Clemens Schartmüller, Hon Weng Chong, Matt Gaunt, Michael Hantler, Mario Viviani, and Noam Zwebner
Android Office Hours - EMEA
Android Developers and 15 others participated
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"Sorry, you are unable to join this hangout from your country."
Hi there! I'm watching the hangout but I can't find out how to join, but here is my question: What are your feelings on SL4A and especially Python support on Android? Have you used it and do you think it has a future support with Google?
I have gingerbread 2.3.1 on a tablet but the google+ app does not appear on Play. Is this because my tablet is 600x800?
Argh! How much I'd want to comment on the G+ discussion...
Someone mentioned that you can't edit posts in Android Google+ app on Android, but you can: Tap and hold the post/comment, you should get edit.
I don't now if you can address this or not, but recently my Android market was replaced with Google Play, and I no longer have movies from the Android app. I'm from Canada. It is also much less tablet-friendly than the Android Market app was.
Thanks for the Hangout, helpful as always! ^^
I am new to Android programming .Can anyone tell me how to handle AsyncTask in android? Is it flawed? If so ,then is there any alternative for doing the same thing? A code example will help me a lot.

Also what are the best parctices for writing android? Should we always use a private/ inner class/ static inner class or should we write the code in different class files altogether?
Thanks a lot
AsyncTask is not flawed, its an alternative to
Thread t = new Thread(new Runnable(){....
Its a bit more complicated than Thread and offers some advantages.
Not sure if is it right place to ask questions during hangout, but I will try:

Could you please put some light on what is the best way to apply transition/animation for transaction between fragments when transaction replaces several (or even nested) fragments?

The problem is that my app has a list view [fragment1] and header in this list view [fragment2]. Both are added by activity like [transaction.add() transaction.add() transaction.commit()] and then replaced like [transaction.replace() transaction.replace() transaction.commit()]. So, setting transition/animation leads to exception during the replacement. And everything works correctly without it.

Thanks in advance.
Oops, should have watched the whole thing before posting, didn't know you had found something already ;)
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