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Apps for Android Wear launching today!
A collection of apps for Android Wear is now available on Google Play (

In addition to notifications bridged from the phone, Android Wear allows developers to write code that runs directly on the wearable. Nearly all the APIs Android developers are already familiar with are accessible on the wearable allowing fully customized UI, reading sensors directly, integrating with voice actions, and sharing data between the phone or tablet and the wearable.

We've worked with some friends to create some great early Android Wear integrations.  Please take a look through this photo album for more inspiration and start extending your app for Android Wear today!
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+WhatsApp Awesome feature, Please make it working on the android wear with the options to answer. ;)
Max G
why don't you let more developers create for AW already? These apps aren't even that useful, other than 2-3 of them. 
What do you mean, Max? I've been signed up to the AW developer preview for months, anyone who wants to can develop for it!
Max G
You can't develop and test it without the watch, since this is completely new UI. Yes build it on your screen or on the mobile device, but it's not the same. These developers have been given access to the watch.
+Max Jacob the watches ship tomorrow from play store uk, but the emulator was available for some time now, and none of the applications presented appear to use things not available in the emulator.

Similarly, people made applications for Android before G1 and ADP1, indeed, first developer contest happened before there was hardware. 
Max G
Which is fine, my point was more to do with the fact that no one has any experience with this device and how their app will actually feel using it live - not that anyone couldn't build an app using the emulator, and preview SDK. 
+Max Jacob The most that have any experience are people who went to I/O, who got a watch among other things.
+Max Jacob many devs were given the watch last week after testing out  their finished apps  on emulators. Of course Google worked with a few key developers before giving it out to others, so that they would have some key apps at launch, but this is the way any new platform starts. So your upset that Google didn't give the devices to developers when they could only give the devices to developers when they became available??
Max G
+Marlon Thompson sorry did I say something to offend you? Or is asking questions against the law where your from? Since my post had a point, and regardless of the access people had, my suggestion was that it would be useful for developers to be able to purchase a developer version so that they can build, test and ship an app before the watch is available to the public. Google did this with Glass, so I don't think this is an unreasonable request or without merit. +Marlon Thompson  If you have something useful to say then please add it, but wasting everyone's time with immature comments and sarcasm isn't really in the best spirit of the community. 
+Max Jacob chill out dude, you are free to ask questions I was just saying that expecting a new platform to heve tons of apps at launch (and the actual launch is next week) is a bit unreasonable. others in this thread have basically said the same thing.
Max G
I am "chill" although its a hot day, but I don't like negative comments, since it's not helpful and ruins the experience of being a member of a community. I disagree, but then it's Motorola's/Google's choice how they roll this out. It seems they have done the opposite with Glass, which doesn't have as much consumer demand as M360 - Then again this is Motorolla. It just makes sense for them to have as many developers testing the experience, and building quality apps before the public buy it. Otherwise why buy a product that doesn't have many apps? 
+Max Jacob  I wasn't being negative, you were being negative about the platform, I was simply pointing out that these things take time but the tools are there, I expect by the end of the month we will see at least a 1000 of these apps. And you ask why buy a product that doesn't have many apps, its because your an early adopter like me who's watch is shipping next week. The apps that I want initially are already there (Google Now, IFTTT and Runkeeper) The general consumer isn't going to touch these things until August or September with the big push for Christmas (expect to see commercials in late July, August going into the holiday season) and by then the apps and use cases will be there. Sorry if I had offended you. 
Max G
+andrew quebe updating my phones android software...
Hehehe got a smartq z... gonna port now.
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Foo Bar
What about APIs for Android Wear? There's nothing in developer docs about working with sensors.
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