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Android Developer Console

Different people in your team do different jobs, so we’re making it easier to work together on analyzing and managing your published Android apps.

As of today, you can invite people to your Android Developer Console and specify what access they need.

We hope this helps your team collaborate more easily and we'd love to know what you think of this new feature, so let us know here in the comments.
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We're very happy to bring you more updates to make it easier to work on your apps with others.
Great news, and looking forward to be able to restrict it to see crash reports and install statistics only so that my manager can finally give our team access!
+Eric Schrag We'll definitely give you more granular control in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.
It would be great to allow certain people to only have access to certain apps.
Very awesome. Would be super useful if you had finer grain control. For example, I'd like to give people access to view stats or errors, but not access to unpublish or alter the information viewed in the market (play) when you look up my apps.
Finally! Thanks, I've been waiting for this for a long time.
Awesome, I've been waiting for this. Now if I could only get my app unsuspended. :P
A great first step, thanks!

Like +Chris Risner says, it would be great if we could grant permission only to view app stats and errors — helpful for developers working in ridiculously large companies who just want their error reports.
Even better would be an RSS feed or some similar sort of notification system for those users to access error reports.
I dont like this Galaxy TAP. It crashed all the time. And I began to heat Android because it forbid sharing Paints of the Masters. It is shaim to stop us to share good things and show peoples the works of the great artists.
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Android, huh? How about gynoid??? :p --Heidi et al.
This is really awesome and was definitely waiting for this functionality! Thank you!!!
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I cant write more than this now. Forgive me brother, Iam sick.
If you are sure that you shall pay attention to people who use your applications, I can tell you more than one thing. I am sure that Android can gain at least new ideas.
So untill then I will wait to hear from you your word.
With my thanks and respect.
Omar Banafei.
Thank you for finally adding this. We've been looking for a way to get others access to the statistics. Transferring to a shared account looked like the only way to do so until today.
I've been waiting a long time for this. Awesome!
Not very useful unless roles and access can be specified for individual applications.
+Ellie Powers, one thing we'd like to see is a "read-only" permission. We're fine with everyone seeing everything, as long as only certain people can change anything.
+Ellie Powers +Milena Nikolic +Maximilian Ruppaner +Nick Butcher
Looks like importing CSV for in-app purchases are broken?

It seems to go this way:
My CSV gets POST ed to

But instead of returning the result, that URL returns a header:
Location:<some long number>

and subsequently the browser tries to GET<some long number> and get 404 Not Found.

Can anyone confirm this?
+Scott Kennedy Sounds like a few folks have asked for that. I can see why it would be useful. Thanks for the suggestion.
+Ellie Powers Happy with feature! Did notice a few bugs when inviting my other e-mail account: A confirmation mail ("Uitnodiging aanvaard", invite accepted) was sent to the invitee where it should have been the account owner, and another mail, "Account access level changed", mentioned contacting the account owner but then specified the recipients email address (instead of the account owners).
This feature was really needed ! Thank you Google!!!
+Ellie Powers, it may be related to being logged in to multiple accounts at the same time; I was logged in as both the account owner and the invitee. It worked well when inviting a third person.
+Ellie Powers I've checked again (reloaded the publisher website) and when I use the inspect element in Chrome, I see this for the upload form:

<form target="" action="uploadinappproductcsv" enctype="multipart/form-data" method="post" style="" aria-hidden="false"> ...

And then, I manually edited the action attribute via Chrome to be "uploadinappproductcsv?dev_acc=<the same number as the dev_acc value I see in the location bar>" and submit the CSV file again, and it works!

I've submitted the issue to the url you mentioned.
This can be great tool for open sourced projects if you can also break it on given access to specific project and there also drill down on what person can do in that project. I would be happy to give my contributor chance to see what reports we getting, but it is none of their business what I may be doing on other projects if they do not participate on it
+Ellie Powers, I know this is somewhat off-topic but... Yesterday I tried adding my personal Google+ profile as the "website" for my App. But I got told that "The website address you entered is not allowed" - why is that? It would be great if I could somehow direct people to my Google+ profile, and maybe even encourage them to follow me on Google+. Then I would have another venue in which to communicate with my users. Any way to do this?
Hi, is it possible to change account owner for the app ? the guy who opened the account doesn't work with us any more
This post came out over a year ago, with the promise to add more features.  I particularly need a read-only permission, which I see others requested over a year ago.  It this possible?    Thanks
David B
I think this is a great feature and will help teams work better. +Sandra Minton 
Just tried to add invite a user (this account actually) to another account that has already paid the $25 and this requires the invited user to also pay the $25 fee. Is this correct?

Rather disappointing I might say.
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