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Google Play

Today we’re launching Google Play to replace and extend Android Market.

Apps and games remain the core of Google Play, and as we grow and promote Google Play around the world, we’ll be marketing your apps and games at the same time. Our policies and our goals are still the same -- to create a great, open marketplace for distributing Android apps.

Check out the details on the blog, and be sure to get the new “Get it on Google Play” badges.
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Hrm. Seems buggy to me. It shows all apps I've ever installed as being installed... I uninstall apps for a reason...
Don't know how I feel about this. Makes sense for Movies and Music, but for Books and most non-gaming apps it's just confusing.
This could have been "We renamed Android Market to Google Play"...done
Android Market is no more.......3/6/2012 r.i.p
How many triangles can you see in googles play button? A quick glance and I see 6
So...rebranding Android Market into a Google branded name, and changing all of the icons? Basically? :)
Congratulate! It's a very unexpected action for me :)
hold on, what's the difference between android market and this?
Lol, the site isn't even working, I'm using firefox, and it won't show the "main content", only the buttons for music, videos, apps & games, and books.

Such a shame... if it replaces the market, I'll be forced to stop using it :/

Edit: ok it seems the only part that isnt working is whew
"a phased OTA update, starting today and continuing over the days to come." you mean weeks. Or months.
The video is not accessible in germany...and the link to this discussion links to your internal G+ sandbox :)
Dαn J
So why does Android not mean Android for Kindle Fire? Google plus app isn't there either? Looks like this isn't also. Yet? It's Android? I don't get it.
This looks like a huge mistake. The name doesn't make sense at all as a store. Google Play sounds like a gaming site or something. Not an appstore.
+Victor Camacho I am a little surprised they didn't just go with Google Market, remove Android from the name and make it more Google-centric. But otherwise I think it's a good idea to consolidate the media services.
Why not just "Google Market"? "Play" does not make sense at all...
I'm impressed. Some good selling points in the intro page.
+Android Developers nice, but: the logo on top of the new google music page should take to the play homepage for consistency with the book and app page. Also, the bar should be the new one with the sharing option. but that I assume it will come...
Congratulations, guys, this is great. Will be interesting to see what changes come about through concentrating services in one place. Would still like it if it addressed some of the problems with the Android app market, both as a publisher and as a consumer (the ability to reply to customers feedback, for example, or the ability to leave a comment saying an app is malware without having to download it.)
Terrible name. Simply terrible. #GoogleMarketFTW
Nice. the logo is a bit corporate (like the shopping bag much better).

Still no "Tablet Apps" section - MAJOR FAIL!!!
+Gabriel Walsh a tablet apps section would be bad, why do you think that is a good idea? You want a separation of apps, or integrated apps? Why do you think ICS is for both tablets and phones, integration is the way to go. This will only help push devs into making apps that work well on everything.
Then now you have to extend Google Music to other countries ! Please we are waiting for it !!!
+Lance Zimmerman - Because right now only a little over 1% of all Android devices use ICS (even though I have two), and because the overwhelming majority of apps are NOT currently optimized for tablets, let alone ICS. What I'm proposing is a filter that one can use to find those apps that are already tablet and/or ICS optimized. It's not like google doesn't realize this, for when you search the market (sorry Google Play now) through an ICS Tablet, the front page DOES give you a section for selected tablet apps. That section is absent from the phone version of Google Play or the web version. Yes it would be a good idea to have such a filter as it would help users of android tablets find tablet optimized apps - which right now is a pain in the ass to do.
New name, old stuff... So the name is now game centric, and still the market doesn't have an Adventure/RPG category?
I pretty much like it. The name and logo is fine and the introduction page is way more consumer friendly highlighting all the good features of it.
Guess it's just a start and I hope we'll see some more things soon.

The three things I'm missing most:

- sharing apps we like and such things on G+ or let us share a list of the apps we've installed
- let us see what apps friends have commented on or installed/deinstalled (like the app "AppAware" is doing)
- be able to comment comments
- more payment options or gift cards which are available worldwide
Great! I'll buy a few albums right now!
Oh wait, I live outside the US. How stupid of me!
This is a pretty weird move. Android Market always made sense - it's a marketplace of everything Android. Now I get to download an app from "Google Play" ? Doesn't make sense to me... What a weird move by Google...
Josh L
I am not a fan of the new name. I primarily write serious business or other professional oriented apps and the name "Play Store" undercuts my product. I understand the need to break the tie between android and the content as the content can be accessed elsewhere, but something like "Google Market" would accomplish that without insulting all of the developers that don't make games. This is a rare miss for Google and I believe it will have a strong negative effect on the public perception of Android's capability as a business-class ecosystem.
+Josh L OTOH, nobody with an Apple blinks twice about downloading serious business apps from "iTunes"...
You just can't take a documentary clip seriously if it is tagged with porn, same as google play....
I guess google wanted to make sure not to get another lawsuit from Apple, this time about the term <company> market.

But then heading for "Play" like the fantastically successful Playbook isn't the brightest idea, particularly not outside the US where the other things that you can play with it (movies, music) are not visible at all...
Josh L
+Alvin Brinson - fair point. However, Apple has spent a long time and a lot of money developing that brand. Plus, "iTunes" is an invented word and I think that makes consumers more apt to believe it means whatever Apple wants it to. "Play" has a dictionary definition that is inconsistent with many of the apps in the market and I think Google is starting a major uphill battle trying to imply a meaning that is at odds with the real meaning of the word. My initial reaction was "This must be an early April fool's joke" and I am sad to see that I was mistaken.
Why "My Android Apps" shows All apps, i've ever installed in all time? Is this list realy more important than currently installed apps in my devices? Why this "current" list in the sub-menu and so un-intuitive? There is a mess in "My Android Apps"...
Just a thought: Think of Gift Cards for the Market

Android Market gift card with the old name and logo? How bad would that have been

Google play sounds like playing everything, from games to music and movies. The Logo would also look pretty good on a card...

So my big hope is we'll see those cards soon (worldwide please).
We are finally departing the "Apple Store" term, Thank you Google
Android Market or Google Play make no difference for me. Hungary is not on the merchants list. We can not sell paid applications. Why? Why? Why?
+Matt Kelly Yes, excactly. Hope we see those cards soon, not just for childs. Here in Germany for example we can still only pay with credit cards in the Android Market - debit cards and other are not accepted for german Google Wallet Users. But less than 50% have credit cards here in germany since they're not popular here. We've also provider billing here, but just on a few carriers many don't use.
Google HAS to do change something about that - it's one of the most wanted features most people wait here since years now. Worldwide Gift cards would be the best solution for so many people I guess.In any little supermarket here in Germany I can get cards for iTunes, but people who want to pay in the Android/Play Market can't get anything similar.
Again only for US. Google when are you going to take into consideration that on planet earth isnt only America?
"Apps and Games remain the core of Google Play". Yeah, that's why they're last on every list on the homepage.
"New app in Google Play: install fun app "Google Docs" and play it with friends". Why Play?! Not Market, not Box? Play with Books? What a crap...
Somehow "play" just doesn't seem like the right verb for user interaction with my productivity apps. But you say apps are still the core?
+Matt Kelly The new Books, Movies and Music app isn't available here in Germany for example. But well, we never got those. Wish Google would have used such an announcement to also announce new countries who are able to buy music. Amazon, Apple, Rdio and pretty soon Spotify - all get their deals done here - just such a big company like Google is struggling. Don't get that....something is going wrong or they just don't care enough about their users outside US/UK. :/
+Matt Kelly But can you buy or rent song from G Play? Im using google music since launch but cant buy any songs.
I'm not feeling the name AT ALL... I've never "played" a book or an Android app. I normally like Google's ideas and changes, but this one is kind of stupid.
Going to agree with the others, as a developer of a non-gaming app, I feel like the new name is going to be very confusing. And now we have to update our website and marketing materials. Why was there no consultation with developers?
Agree with Dan Larsen (above). For a non-gaming app developer this is a confusing name and would have been great to know about this change before it happened so that we could update our website + marketing materials.
What a dumb rebranding. Many apps aren't 'play'.
What happens to my fart apps?? Fart app in a Games Store??lol
Google office in Brazil...please work out to make this available here!!!
Play Apps? So all apps must be games, right? Lary (Page), what dead wood is behind what arrows here? Only Qwikster was a worst rebranding attempt
Great work to all those behind Google Play... I JUST launched my Android App for my new album "Streets of Hollywood" and it works so well. You guys (and gals) are fantastic. Lora G
Wow! The name is horrible. I'm surprised this has happened. It just doesn't make sense! Is it possible to report Google for using a misleading name? òÓ

I just lost some of my respect for Google. : (
Will this soon be available in germany? Very sad we have no access for great services like music...
Dear Google Canada,
please give us Google Music first!
At first glance, this announcement doesn't really excite me. For one, I'm from India where there's no books, movies or music anyway. Secondly, as an Android enthusiast, it's taken me some time to convince relatives and friends about the concept of the Android Market.

Now suddenly Play comes along and I have a hard time re-explaining it to them. Difficult to field questions like "Play? You mean only games? What about apps?" ... At the end of the day for a vast majority of users, Play is still the Android Market with a name change.

I do sincerely hope I am proven wrong.
Have fun dealing with all the users that will suddenly be confused that Market isn't there anymore.
Ok, if I want to play a game I go to Google Play. I don't play much so where do I go for other apps?
It makes me a problem. I can not installte my purchased APP for the list, becouse i can setup my device (HTC DESIRE) ;-(((((
A lot of people seem confused by the concept of "Play" as it only really makes sense in the context of Play Movies, Play Music or Play Games. However, playing these things tend to be social activities and that's where Google's focus is headed right now. Play Books or Play Apps may not make total sense now, but you can get the concepts of social intergration, 'play' being fun and 'playing' these things on many devices.

I think this has the potential to be a hugely desirable brand, the logos looks great and the word 'Play' leaves it open to many possibilities. Would love to see this blossum into a fully fleged rival to Apple and iTunes. Gift cards are a must though for that to work, and will look great on the shelves.

Yeah... that's my two cents anyway... still waiting for Google Play Music to arive here in the UK...
+Ben Thrussell I hope you are right, mate! But, I still think that the Google Market would have been a better name. I can understand Google replacing 'Android' with 'Google'. But, Market would have been a better name for the store. As, Market is already a brand in itself.
Want to delete apps that was on a phonelist. That I don't have anymore.
It is a horrible, horrible name, Google!
Like, download AOL Play from Google Play?
In my opinion, Google play is an inappropriate brand name. It doesn't fit with Market and eBooks. Why didn't they choose Google media ...
I think the reasoning behind "Google Play" is sound, and I get the underlying theme behind the change... But I think this is going to cause some serious confusion in the end-user community. "Market" makes way more sense - remove "Android" if you're trying to consolidate / rebrand services... but leave "Market" as its been a cornerstone for devices. After seeing how it was implemented, I'll remain open, but I'm not thrilled about this change.
What Google could have done is take indie productions (music, films, books) on board, make them available to the whole world and become a distributor new style. No problems with copyrights and I bet that lots of artists would be interested.
Now if that would happen they could have integrated YouTube as well as a source of content providers and then create a place where creators and consumers meet. Now let me think about how to call such a place......
Ah, got it, why not call it market. Bit weird maybe but it seems fitting and a catchy name as well ;)
I understand that Google play store is or will be a lot more than Android Market, but why eliminate the latter completely, instead of letting Android Market (I mean the name) be a part of Google Play?

1. Apple has "AppStore". Google has "Android Market". Microsoft has "Marketplace". Different name, distinct character. Now Google switch to a "Store". Apple alike, my dislike.

2. In the past, I have an Android phone, I go to the Android Market to find apps. Very intuitive. Not quite now. Now I own an Android phone I go to "Google play store" or "Play Store" icon to search for apps. I can't instantly recognize it's a Google service. Well, not bad, because people would discover and get used to it some time or later.

But my worry is that what would happen for non-Android users considering buying an Android phone and wanted to see if there are enough apps out there. And Imagine if everyone is adopting the "Google play" scheme telling people that "Find us on Apple AppStore or Google Play". I doubt if people can connect "Android phones" with "Google Play" immediately. They may misinterpret that a service has an iPhone app, a Google app (which they're not sure what it is), but no Android app. Google needs effort to re-educate the potential customer base. Even if it succeed I still find the "Available in Android Market" badge more intuitive and charming. Don't get me wrong, the "play" icon is cool, but the Android robot is cute and it looks much friendlier and attractive. It's a shame that the badge is eliminated.

What may Google be wanted to solve is exactly the problem that ordinary people cannot connect Android services with the "Google" brand. But the move seems to me that Google wanted to effectively killing the spread of the "Android" brand to achieve this, and it is strange.

I personally hope that the Android brand can gain similar visibility after the service integration. For example, there can be a "Google play" badge for Android apps which have the Android robot on it and a larger "Android" text size.
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Personally despising the name aside, how will this branding affect the "market://details?id=<>" intents that Android currently supports? Are we supposed to be changing our code so that it uses "play" instead of "market"? When you change the name again are we going to have to jump through these same hoops?
-1 , confusing to most people, who barely know that apps can be found in the market
Hi guys,
I've just started interesting for android developing and i wonder if you guys could give any tips about the best documentation about developing native android web site and where to find it.
Any tips would be helpful.
I'm with the half dozen or more other people here who don't understand this new branding. The Market I understood. Now you want me to explain to my business customers that they'll find my app under the "Play" icon?
"Play" Title is misleading ... Google-Market makes more sense (consolidation of all Google offerings ...)
Also, not much new things to other than consolidation.

Finally, few things i missed in market (and now, in Play) ...
(a) Comment on comment
(b) Count of Uninstalls, along with Downloads/Installs.
(c) Count of Ratings (10 1-stars, 12 2-stars, etc.) & Rating wise filtered comments
(d) Sub-Filters in Apps (Bluetooth --> File Managers, Bluetooth --> Switch Toggles) [i know its a ping, but will organize things].
For someone developing business apps "play" seems to be a step away from Androids business use.
Can somebody at Google please fix this app so that it really does recognize my Google acct. I could then actually access and listen to the music i bought... thx.
I've encountered users in the wild who were confused as to "where the market went." I'd like to see some metrics, though I bet that there is a measurable hit to Market/Play Store usage for any user after their phone is upgraded, AND possibly even more of a hit for new users, since discoverability of the Play Store is lower than the Market (note that on a lot of phones it just shows "Google Play" by the icon, so people have NO idea what a "Google Play" is and don't click on it when they're looking for the Market).
Loving GPLAY! Especially now Temple Run Has been Released :)
Why my developer console "edit profile" does not have "Setup a Merchant Account at Google Checkout" link?
anyone know how to download apps from within the emulator? Im having a hell of a time. Thanks in advance.
creo que estaria bien se mirase la posibilidas de la aplicaciones que ya no se tienen instaladas poderlas quitar u ocultar de mis aplicaciones ya que al momento de restaurar resulta un tanto lioso ir seleccionando la aplicaciones que realmente quiero de la que he probado y ya no quiero
un saludo gracias
Is there an API that works correctly with Play? I tried to build a search the market app using the market API and it's just not working.
do you guys know anything better than eclipse
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