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Looking for a way to remotely verify your app’s in-app purchases through Google Play? Check out the new Purchase Status API, available to all developers starting today.

The Purchase Status API lets your backend servers query Google Play for the status of your in-app and subscriptions purchases. It's a RESTful API that’s easy to integrate with any standard web stack, and it gives you a powerful way to verify purchase authenticity and improve reporting and reconciliation. 

To get started, set up a project in the Google APIs Console and get a Client ID and shared secret to present when calling API. See the document below for details.


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Oh this is great, I was giving up payment in my app because of the lack of a way to check with Google the status of a payment.
Still, it seems to be still mandatory to create yourself each product in Google play dev console.
Me from Malaysia still can't sell android app. Please Google, we have a lot developers here.
Why we have to use oauth on server with administrator credentials instead of server api key? If we want check subscription status we have to login via administrator first? It is ugly solution. We would like use simple and elegant solution like in GCM to check subscription status.
 i just lost a important software through which i lost my baseband as well as the signals, what to do now
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