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New Demographic Stats in Google Play Games Services
By Ben Frenkel, Google Play Games team Hey game developers, back in March you may remember we added new game statistics in the Google Play Developer Console for those of you who had implemented Google Play Games: our cross-platform game services for Android...
Starting today, we're providing more insights into how your games are being used by adding country, age, and gender dimensions to the existing set of reports available in the Developer console. You’ll see demographics integra...
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Why only for games? Would be interesting for other types of apps as well.
which game are more successful in android platform, the one developed on some Game Engine or the ones exclusive for Android?
+Wajeeh Ul Hassan I don't think there's any way they could get that data.  From the Play Store's point of view, a game is a game.
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+Thomas Zolynski Awesome.  Are you going to install every game in the Play Store and then transcribe this information individually?
Google and another prompt? To many cell phones are jammed by data.Thomas on Ben's writing a new ceo makes suggestion for google. Ex's and others (ios) already had better things in mind...I read new files and faster apps (itunes). Much else I skimmed it looked more so a special set of hardware and software for computers.but I don't work apple or mac' except pdf and creative commons..your impressions?
+Terence Stigers No. But it should be clear that the same mechanism behind this can be applied on the backend by the Play team. In response to your "there's no way they could get that data".
I hope the new naming system Android Vanilla
I have a question regarding to Play Store's policy. I have a free app in Play Store, but now I want to make that existing free app to "in-app purchase app". Is there any way? I searched a lot to contact google team, but there was no option to ask the question regarding this issue. Your professional answer will be highly appreciated. Thanks.
+Thomas Zolynski  Can you please guide me in detail. I am a fresh developer, not familiar to android policies.
Thanks in advance.
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