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Sending messages on Android Wear is easy and delightful… and so is extending your Android messaging app to the wearable.  Here's some quick tips on getting your messaging app awesome on Wear in less than a day.
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Or why no send hangout voice command... I don't want to send SMS ;-(
+Steve Gehrman I really think you should build  an app for free, but keep the source to yourself, in order to demolish google's privacy issues.
Chris P
+Steve Gehrman your arguments in the article are weak.
You'll have a better chance to proof that Google terms and legal agreements never mentioned about the 3 strikes rule.
Your "kids" apps are in grey area, regardless of any disclaimer you made (which actually has no legal merit whatsoever).
Is this new emoticons for material design or just for android wear?
Has anyone tried to send voice messages instead of written messages?? It seems possible because there's a voice recorder app, but I don't know how they did it :S.
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