We have just released version 0.4.1 of our #gradle based build system, fixing a number of issues:

- Renamed 'package' scope to 'apk'. Variants are 'debugApk', 'releaseApk', 'flavor1Apk', etc...
  Fixed an issue that prevented to add package-only dependencies.

- Fixed the APIs to get the list of applicationVariants, libraryVariants, and testVariants which always returned an empty list on 0.4.

- Fixed issue in Proguard where it would complain about duplicate Manifests.

Note that if you are using #AndroidStudio  the New Project Wizard will still create projects using version 0.4, so you'll have to update them to 0.4.1 manually. 

We have also updated the documentation at http://tools.android.com/tech-docs/new-build-system to match 0.4.1
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