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Android Developers hung out with 3 people.Reto Meier, Pedro Ribeiro, and Raveesh Bhalla
The Friday Games Review
Android Developers and 3 others participated
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Hi, maker of Shane Reaction here! I want to join the hangout!
Sorry about the cropping -- it happens after it leaves our studio so hard to fix. We'll keep working on it.
Loving this talk. Learning a lot for my next Android project and for the apps I've already published.
I'm curious, how do you broadcast the Android screen during these types of events? You make it seems pretty easy, but for end users/non-Google developers there only seems to be a couple tools and they have extremely low refresh rates.
Andegine should stop the music, what version of it are you using?
I think if Android OS could have force landscape or portrait mode and force to run on the app native resolution will be nice for app&gaming experience~
Hi, thanks for the great feedback on Neil Rajah. I'm starting to put together a to-do list for an upgrade, and your comments were really helpful.
+Daniel Bentley They're using the HDMI out of the devices I guess. Together with some kind of video capture card/device with HDMI in it should give you a great quality and framerate.
Yes, I'm also using HDMI capture card to record videos, the only downside is that the HDMI stream is HDCP, so you cannot directly save it to a file.
+Daniel Bentley I think most tablets should have a hdmi out and many of the newer phones like Galaxy Nexus support hdmi out as well through a cheap (~5-15$) MHL adapter which plugs into the micro usb port..
+Oren Bengigi Not really sure. But in the version I'm using I have to override the onPause to pause the sounds. Which I already do... Weird!
+Daniel Bentley we are using a Matrox Mini HDMI capture box attached via PCI Express card to a MacBook Pro. It's anything but easy, honestly -- the card is cantankerous and so is the software -- but it works :-)
hello guys here .. sorry am new here
but i want to share and idea that will help lots of people and will get back for u lots of money .. but i need help from some developers
I created a listview when i scrolling this it background became black which looks horrible. Please help.
And also i want to implement pagination in listview. Is it possible? If yes, How?
Hold down on black screen until menu comes upcome
U guyz/galz rock!
Hey Android devs. What's the easiest way to get updates if I have the unlocked version of the Samsung galaxy nexus? Because apparently the build I have doesn't give me direct updates so...
if you are updating to 4.0.1 you can use Cynagon Mod but it isn't an official update and is it legal, i don't know
CyanogenMod is 4.0.4, and legal - having fixed all issues Google has raised.
Hey guys, does anyone know what the minimum processor and graphics card an Android operating system needs
i want to develop an android project, so i need to protect my code from decompile.
can you give me a way to protect?

i have seen some software s and links but i can not work with them...
software s: Excelsior JET,JInstaller
links about obfuscating.....

Hi everybody.i want to get drop call or failed call in android.but i did'nt find anything method in android.Can you help me please!!!
Hey are you all going to fix the Galaxy Nexus headphone bug?
is there a headphone bug for the nexus cuase I've had the nexus and don't experience the bug you mentioned

what does the bug do???
there is not a headphone bug.only i want to drop or failed call in android.
Uh there is a headphone bug. And Google or Samsung don't seem to give a fuck about it.

The Nexus doesn't always recognize when a headphone is plugged in or not. This causes the external speakers to mute, even with no headphone plugged in.
uh i understand you if is it true, this is terrible news for me:( thank you...
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