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Unifying Key Store Access in ICS

"This API provides a unified way to access the system key store credentials. If your application uses client certificates (take note: enterprise email client or web browser developers) you should definitely look into the KeyChain API for your next update!"
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Awesome, now we need more phones running ICS.
A hope that you will rethink idea of Full Backup of Device in Android. After reseting ASUS Prime and logging with the same account even clock alarms, wallpapers and workpaces' settings disappeared. I am not talking about played levels in games. If even Google not uses Backup API, who uses? Noone. I'm scared to reset Nexus S, because I think that I'll loose all my SMS, logs and other information. Please, add Full Backup of Device feature!
We were promised Galaxy Tab 10.0 ICS Real Soon Now.

I wish vendors would stop trying to decommoditize their Android products with weak crapware you can't remove, and which slows them down porting Android updates.

Dear Samsung: Forget Touchwiz, just deliver ICS. I don't want to buy books or music from you, and I'll never use your "social hub". Your file manger sucks too.
Hi there. If i root the phone, will i be able to access the keychain keys (which belong to other apps)?? Regards!
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