Google Play services 4.3

We're now rolling out a new version of Google Play services to Android devices worldwide. This update includes new APIs as well as a number of new features to existing ones:

Analytics API (new!) - Google Analytics and Tag Manager are now part of Google Play services

Google Play Games services update - Our new Game Gifts API enables games to send virtual in-game requests to anyone in a player’s circles or through player search. Details at

Drive API - Change notifications, offline content, and more

Address API (new!) - Let your users provide complete addresses in a single click

You'll be able to get started with the new APIs as soon as the Google Play services rollout is complete -- a process we expect to take several days. We'll then release the updated Google Play services SDK and you'll be able to download it through the Android SDK manager. Watch for more information coming soon.

For more information, check out the links below:

Google Play services 4.3 :
Google Play Games services update:
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