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Google Play services 4.3

We're now rolling out a new version of Google Play services to Android devices worldwide. This update includes new APIs as well as a number of new features to existing ones:

Analytics API (new!) - Google Analytics and Tag Manager are now part of Google Play services

Google Play Games services update - Our new Game Gifts API enables games to send virtual in-game requests to anyone in a player’s circles or through player search. Details at

Drive API - Change notifications, offline content, and more

Address API (new!) - Let your users provide complete addresses in a single click

You'll be able to get started with the new APIs as soon as the Google Play services rollout is complete -- a process we expect to take several days. We'll then release the updated Google Play services SDK and you'll be able to download it through the Android SDK manager. Watch for more information coming soon.

For more information, check out the links below:

Google Play services 4.3 :
Google Play Games services update:
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This Address API sounds interesting for our app... how does it work?
Address API.. Something missing for quite a long time. :)
Hi I download the Candy crush game and wen I open da game to play and its just out and can't play
Does the drive API now support deleting/trashing files?
+Dan Bachelder: I would assume it would work similar to Account Manager (getting email addresses). The Addresses are from your Google Wallet account.
Adress api welcome. I was looking for something like it.. Cool
Change notification is what I have been waiting for! Yay!
+Android Developers  Is it really a good idea to merge all the libraries to play service, We a struggeling with 65k method limit, so every update of play services is a new challenge for us!
Does anyone of you know that: if I implemented the GPS 4.2 in an app and the customers device updates automatically to 4.3, does my app takes the 4.3 from the OS or the 4.2 inside the apk?
+Android Developers Does it include the promised fix to this ticket that I opened? ?? You stated: "The issue in #5 has been fixed (will be rolled out in the next release of Play Services).  The problem of getting better results with "device only" than with "high accuracy" has also been partially addressed in the next release of Play Services, and we hope will be fully addressed in the following release (assuming you're using the fused location provider or referring to the performance of Google Maps)."
Probably why the Developer's Console wouldn't allow uploads since last Friday.
Split the enormous Google Play Service jar into smaller jars. That 64K dex limit is a real problem.
Pan Ng
Omg. plz do something about the dex limit. It is a ticking time bomb for any decent sized android project.
+Android Developers 
Can someone clarify what is the reason to hold all google super-api's in one jar? Are they connected with each other? I amasking because now jar have 1.43Mb size and potentialy a lot of apps can hold it and this can cause bigger device memory usage(or i missed something?).
Yey! soon we cant even use Google Analytics on Amazon android devices!
we're already limited in Google Drive support, Chrome cast, Locations API.
Developing for "Android" and not only"Google" is becoming harder and harder.
Is there any plan for Google Drive API to support drive scope instead of just drive.file scope?
This is a great patch to services, I wish there was more being done on the file management side for multi device transfers hehe. 
+Женя Пелькин what about it? Cut the library in ten pieces, it will not use less file system space. It is not downloaded with your APK, it is (hopefully) constantly updated by system apps... Well, if you cut it in ten, maybe some upgrade will involve only 5 out of 10 binaries. But the truth is, even 1.43MB is not much in this context. It would be problematic only if multiplied by the number of apps that use it.
Is there any documentation available for the Address API? Haven't found it yet.
+Android Developers: I just tested the remote configuration of an Android app with the Tag Manager and Makros. I like this feature!
But the user interface of the Google Tag Manager website isn't really good. Entering the configuration values as plain JSON strings is very error prone.
A table like UI would be better (like is using it). Are planning to implement such a feature in  the near future?
why don't u put our app to nokia phones
If only you could move all apps to the SD card, they you won't have any problems introducing new apps and upgrades that will surely deplete most phones of storage space.
Google Play currency has been changed to my local currency (EGP) for a while now. I would like to change it back to (USD) but I couldn't find any option to do so. Can you please try to add such a feature?
where is the update in SDK manager ?
Can't seem to make Game Services work, even update to 4.3 didn't help - still getting a message that application is incorrectly configured even though it have been working in this exact configuration some time ago.
There's a question at stackoverflow that seems to describe exactly same situation.
Could +Android Developers please visit the thread and suggest some solution?
Using 8.7.03😂🤘
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