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Learn tips from Peak and SoundCloud on how to grow your app business

Read the post: #AndroidDevelopers #GooglePlaytime

Watch Kevin Shanahan, Product Manager from Peak, explain how they grow sustainably, and Andy Carvell, former Product Manager at SoundCloud, talk about how they tackle retention to improve growth.

#AndroidDevelopers #GooglePlay #GooglePlaytime

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Wallapop improves conversions with store listing experiments on Google Play

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Watch Agus Gomez, Co-Founder & CEO, and Marta Gui, Growth Hacking Manager, at Wallapop - a commerce platform using geolocalization, explain how using store listing experiments has increased their conversion rate by 17%.


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Meet the 20 finalists of the Google Play Indie Games Contest Europe #PlayIndie

A big thank you to everyone who entered the contest and huge congratulations to the 20 developers who have made it to the next round! Amongst other prizes, they will showcase and pitch their games at the Saatchi Gallery in London on 16th February 2017. Some additional prizes to help them grow their business are up for grabs in the next round, including YouTube influencer campaigns worth up to 100,000 EUR, premium placements on Google Play, Tickets to Google I/O 2017 and many more. Try out the games and if you’re in London, come and support the developers at the final.

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EATING TIME is a bluetooth beacon that disables connected devices to maximize family time!
Prevent your family from becoming smartphone zombies during meals! Eating Time is a simple on/off beacon that, when pressed, locks all connected phones.

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TWENTY-SEVEN a three-dimensional tic-tac-toe game where each vertical plane is a separate Android device.
Twenty-seven is a three-dimensional tic-tac-toe game where the game grid is a 3x3x3 cube and a player can win by connecting three spaces in any direction, including diagonals. Each vertical plane is represented by a separate Android device. The devices communicate with each other via the Nearby Messages API.

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Updated documentation for building audio and video apps

If you’re building a media app that does audio or video playback, we’ve released comprehensive documentation covering all of the components and best practices needed to #BuildBetterApps.

The new documentation covers:
- The architecture for building a media app
- The role of the media-compat support library
- Getting the most out of MediaSessionCompat
- Building audio apps with MediaBrowserServiceCompat
- Handling lifecycle callbacks for video apps
- Responding to media buttons from wired headsets, Bluetooth devices, and other peripherals
- Handling changes in audio output and audio focus
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+Borin Srun Thanks for your time. I'm checking the site (stackoverflow) now hopefully I'll be able to get something from there
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Read about the updated APK patch size estimator tool and how it lets you track the size of your updates between releases, in this article by +Wojtek Kaliciński
New: support for File-by-File updates in the APK patch size estimator
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MARCLAY is an Android TV app that brings stunning video landscapes & notifications to your tv!
Marclay is an Android TV app that turns your TV into a backdrop of stunning video landscapes from around the world. Use of location and time allows them to sync with your time of day. When paired to your Android phone Marclay synchronizes your notifications, so you never miss important information.

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Episode 61 of Android Developers Backstage is now available. In this episode +Chet Haase talks with Rom Lemarchand from the Android Systems team about A/B updates.
In this episode, Chet speaks with Rom Lemarchand from the Android Systems team. Tune in to hear about the new A/B system updates, kernel patches and much more. Subscribe to the podcast feed or download the audio file directly...

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WPS Office Software creates innovative experiences for users on Google Play

Learn how the WPS Office Software app, by Chinese software developer Kingsoft Office Software, has grown in international markets and optimized it’s app to create a better experience for users, with features such as translation services, store listing experiments, and more, on Google Play.

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Hurry up & enter Google Play Indie Games Contest - last day is 31 Dec

Enter and learn more at: #PlayIndie

The deadline to submit your game to the Google Play Indie Games Contest is 31 Dec, midnight GMT! Don’t miss out on the chance to win prizes that will help you get your game noticed by industry experts and gamers worldwide. Prizes include an open showcase held at the Saatchi Gallery in London, YouTube influencer campaigns worth up to 100,000 EUR, Premium placements in Google Play Store, and much more!

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ExoPlayer 2.1 released!
The ExoPlayer library is a customizable and extensible alternative to Android’s built-in MediaPlayer API. ExoPlayer 2.1 takes advantage of the architectural changes introduced in 2.0 to deliver new features, including:

- Significantly improved HLS support, including the ability to seek in HLS live streams.
- Support for positioning and styling of CEA-608 captions.
- ID3 metadata and album art support for MP3 and MP4 audio.
- Improved flexibility for out-of-the-box UI components.

Read the ExoPlayer blog post for more details:

Follow the blog to stay up to date with ExoPlayer:
Start using ExoPlayer today:
ExoPlayer 2.1 is our first major update to ExoPlayer 2. In addition to a whole raft of bug fixes, ExoPlayer 2.1 adds significant pieces of…
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+Ian Lake The problem with that is I'd rather not make the user leave my app as I provide some extra actions below the video (like forum). Also it's quite distracting for them, and since the app tries to help one focus on productivity, leading the user to the YouTube app is not a good idea. Thanks anyways.
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