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Hoping to talk to your misguided BlackBerry-using friends over an official version of BlackBerry Messenger? Don't hold your breath. According to a report from
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Looks like the new CEO wants to completely build his own island and call it Blackberry Isle.
Too late BB... Kakaotalk and Whatsapp already kick BBM ass. And both of them are already available for BB...
Need new friends if they are using blackberries still.
If you still have a Blackberry because you think BBM is great, then get back to your MySpace page and update your wallpaper.
The CEO is afraid to see the ratio between BB owners and Android owners based on how many BBs sold this year versus how many times BBM has been downloaded on android devices this year. It would shock the new CEO into retirement and sell RIM to Google lol
Every person I talk to that still has a Blackberry says the exact same thing when i ask them why the hell they still have a blackberry with its extremely outdated technology & why havent they switched to an Android phone. They all say because they cant go without their BBM. So basically the New CEO is doing the right thing for keeping Blackberry still around, unfortunetly all they are doing is posponing the inevitable which is the death of blackberry. Its actually a very stupid move because as the death of blackberry cant be prevented by any move the company makes they are also putting RIM in jepordy losing them millions in the process of trying to accomplish a unatainable goal. Google cant be beat so any company that has a chance to join them better do so if they know whats good for their companies future. - KID ANDROID
Make Blackberry an Android phone and end of the story.. I think
There was a rumour that samsung might by blackberry but in a statement the CEO or president of Samsung said there is absolutly no way that they are interested in blackberry at all. No matter what they are going to die out because the only company I see purchasing blackberry is Google & that would only be to get ahold of any patents of intrest which I really dont see them having any worthwhile pantents & for google just to speed up the inevitable & get blackberry users over to Android sooner.
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