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Mine has been so successful in my household, that my girlfriend and son is talking about having one. This is very significant for my son as he has his heart set on an iPad.
I'd love to get some actual numbers on how many they are selling. I have a friend who got one and he's an Apple guy! I know I love mine!
I will be getting one as soon as I get the money for my iPad 2.
Scott B
i have the 16gb version and loving it.
They had lot less 8Gb versions I presume. The 8 Gb version seams so stupid to me... this is for people who won't install game and watch movies and who won't bother uninstalling apps when missing space in the device a year or so... RIM at least did it right for capacity on their playbook with 16, 32 and 64 Gb. Google clearly want to push us to use cloud storage and have good data plan (witch is rare in Canada).
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