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"Since 2011, Always Innovating doesn't sell any more to individual consumers and
we have focused our activities on licensing business." 

Battery loiter time will prob not last longer 6 to 10 minutes, if that. 
I need it to follow me around, from like a 2ft above and behind angle.... then i can film my life as if it were a 3rd person game- it would be awesome! i just need to find some platforms.
If it were real and on the market it would be cooler than the A.R. Drone
Now i can pretend i'm in Second Life all the time.
Can it be controlled to do thongs other than just follow you? Article wasn't clear on this. If so then I am interested. 
i could sneak it in to a football game and hover it over the field get better views. think anyone would notice?
Wow! Yet another way how you can be spied upon. Really amazing. CIA approved.
Way cool! But it missed? Alot of my lifes good parts?
Plus? Would that be considered? A peeping tom. A .hawk?
+Angel Martinez
 I was thinking it would be an excellent tool for capturing vacation memories. Also, teachers could use it as a field tool. The possible applications are endless. Citizen journalists could find them useful as well.
I've built too many quadrocopters but not this small and with this cost, I want that chip on it :)
The hardware is nice, but I could care less about it filming me. I just want to be able to get a quadrocopter that nice for that price without fancy streaming stuff. Cool concept though.
Ian Sun
Records your life's every movement, or 5 min of it till the battery runs out. Whichever comes first : /
dude dont be a jurk its just a kool idea anyone can make a helecopter but adding a camera is a bit harder

+Jake Long , you are obviously new here, (blue head, no circles) so let me be the first to tell you thia isn't FB and single word posts that do nothing to add to the conversation will get you nothing but muted (as I just did) then you can go back to calling this a "ghosttown" when nobody interacts with a silly comment that shows your age.
Need to find shopping on line
The battery life issue can easily be addressed by having multiple copters.  When the battery is low, a replacement is launched, and when on station, the one running low returns to the charger.
wow ur a cruel dude hugh morris.glad u keep it real and yea..nice choice of words
Please help to buy food on line i.e tesco
People under 30 need to realize that they just aren't that interesting.  Really.
great, southby is gonna need air traffic control this year.
If you want your life to be an open book to everyone then whatever.
cuando no tienes nada que ocultar esto es genial 
yo quiero una 
mkay i already got the best perspective on my life for free tho..?
can i have it follow others?
This will be the hot ticket next year if it works. 
I a really looking forward to this! Hope the price point is correct!
Dont know about technology these days. Personally I'da liked to live in the cowboy and indian days.
A $1 balloon can easily replace it.
I just want this to follow behind me while I dress up like link from zelda! 
Shut up and take my money! 
Look +Rich Munnich , you can have your very own Obama Drone to follow you and record your every move!
At $49.00 it must be Standard Definition.
I will not buy any video device that is not 720p at the minimum!
The beginning of the end of cameramen for live news reporters (except in Miami during hurricane season of course)
well actually not to be mean but that's a quadro-copter still cool.
I can have my personal air force!
Wow would deffo get 1 of these :)
I wonder if you could use it at Catoctin park and fly it to c@mq d@vld to troll some people
"I wanna have privacy you know!" Joel says. "i must record all."says robocorder."thats it. Im shutting u down."joel says. "there is NO SHUTTING ME DOWN."says robocorder. Smartphone explodes. Unless its an iphone, which i dont have. Lol
I have an htc g2 android 
so when can we buy this gadget at the androidcommunity store? ;)
Kinda mixed on this device. On the one hand if you use it for sports viewing or at a concert, or at an amusement park to capture surprise moments that would be kinda fun. On the other hand, constantly knowing your being filmed would not allow someone to be spontaneous. I could see it being used for Fall videos.
Wait then they just have drones that do the same thing record you're all your whole life whether you like it or not oh wait yeah my work does that with all the cameras that they have all over the place invading our lives in our privacy oh yeah and 1 more thing I know I've been saying this all along but welcome to the new world order it's here
Fred B.
Cool, I want one.
Google glass will replace this nicely. It may not be a bird's eye view but that makes the video less engaging anyway. Save this for military, police and private security.
I see 3rd Person Real Life gaming with Helicopters + Google Glasses
Can you have it track someone else???
I want it, I want it, I want it! 
I'm buying 2 at that price :)
that is ridiculous, imagine when you went to the bathroom and that thing is hovering over the stall door
This might be great to get some aerial video of my sailing charters. I love new technology
Is it going to be avilable in europe ? I want to buy to spy on my neighbors :)
This sounds mint, I want one now! 
Love how the sheep(masses)just fall in line with new "entertaining" surveillance technology.
It is a spy e;helicopter. As soon you see it over your head run.
It will cut off when we do illegal activities right or do we have to worry about  the government taking control of it to bust us smoking weed?....
Its like Jaws, in air. Always watching
I seriously doubt they can get that long on the battery. I have a AR Drone and I am luck to get 10 mins of flight time. I can see that little back biter running out of juice and coming directly at my head.
However I will buy one if it comes to market. :-)
Oh, this is too, too cool. Got to have one!
Sounds amazing, id definitely be down. My only question is, would the mini helicopter be able to go inside buildings?
If it could keep up with me on a snowboard I'd buy one tomorrow. 
No matter how many times I throw money at my screen, I still haven't got one :(
Gotta have all wanted a Droid to follow me around !!
Anything similar available for iPhone ?
Oh, you guys are taking all the fun out of it. So you goof around with it for ten minutes, then charge it back up. I'm not filming a documentary.
I know I read a scifi story that was based on these devices following you around your whole life. The issue there was managing the data, finding the moments you want to remember. Amazing tech., hope it matures.
Can I have one with siri built in? I want to talk to my helicopter
how high does it fly why its following u? 
That little thing is freaking cool! But... how's the battery life....
+Robert Farrell  give it GPS and it could find skiers in an avalanche if they were using it to film
now we can be annoying in ways never thought possible..
I want one!
Cool I can have my own reality TV show for 5 mins! 
I see a new office toy in my future.. 2014 tho! 
Cool technology. Orwellian concept. The video sounds like an SNL commercial.
i bet you have to charge it every 10 mins
They should call it the big brother mosquito
I will have to invent a toy missile defense system to protect my back yard
Ok, where can I get mine? Will start my own reality show...I'll call it "SoulSuviver"
Proud rohit be an android subsciber
Where is the pre order info? 
Mine will just hover in place as I work at my desk.
Really I thought that was the CIA job
I can see these things flying around sporting events.
Not sure my wife would approve in those intimate times with a little helicopter flying overhead
i imagine law enforcement using it hopefully not though i hate pigs
Is the world ready to see some really boring ish?
That is sooo awesome. Unfortunately its not out until 2014 which sucks. Whoever thought of this is freaking cool!
The end of selfie pics is near.
That's cool but I feel like they might break easily. It would be easier to just put a camera in your hat... It would be more convenient, safe, and could take it anywhere. Also you won't have to deal with a helicopter flying around u or about recharging ts battery every hour.
I want one, but don't need one or know why I even want one. Geek or humam nature?
I would use this anytime cops are around me
It would be cool to have a swarm of these guard your house.  They could follow thieves around and call the cops for you.
Excellent applications for that! What's battery life, "flight capacity ".
Just what I needed to make a amateur movie about nothing just so I can upload it to YouTube. 
What the Fuck does that mean Tracy? Keep riding your bike faggat.
Resemble dat fly in G.I Joe perhaps? 
Zed Kh
So you are out clubbing or snowboarding or something and there are going to be hundreds of these things buzzing around and annoying all and sundry, colliding with each other...can't wait
My luck I would be at an awesome moment in my life and crash the damn thing
I know who invented that coz i so one of that in the movie called 3 idiots haha
Yeah I know .... my rc skills at flying stuff not too
Radio Shack once carried that rc helicopter that was guaranteed not to break easily.... I accidentally flew into a ceiling
"not Off, UP!"
"damnit, UUUPP!"
"No, don't dial Apu!, UP!"
Probably already been said, but wouldn't there a multi helicopter pile up at heavily trafficked places ie supermarkets, sports arenas & gigs?!
Really?! No thanks ! Isn't Facebook enough ? :)
I'd want to buy loads of them, paint my head blue then walk around with them all following me like Megamind. Lol
spyware of the future for cops and law enforcement your freedom is 
now a thing of the past people.
your cell phones and ipads etc. are know tracking every move you make in this world, they can even listen to your conversations etc.
the tech is great, but whats the real usage............................
its future of us!!!!!!!!!!! what do you think?
So cool! I really want one
I really, really, REALLY want one!
Gotta say it again NEW WORLD ORDER
a gadget to record and share videos and no video demonstration on the homesite? :/
id pay the money for it, i think that its completly worth it
Very cool, limited to 6 or 7 mins of flight time without a camera. Still cool.
I anticipate a 5 minute battery life with a two hour charge time.... mini helicopters generally have frustratingly poor battery life without having the option of streaming video. We'll see how this pans out. 
Hope it has a good battery life, sweet gadget :-D
Smells strongly of vaporware and I think 2014 for release is very optimistic. As previous poster states, battery life will be too limited for any practical video journal type use. Additionally, the "follow me" feature is going to be very tough to properly implement. It will most likely be a "keep getting in my way" feature, and at the slightest gust it will veer off, scratching your beautiful "60 TV, your face, etc. Purely as a toy, it IS extremely cool though and I would buy it.
I will just wait for the government to issue them for free since they are pretty interested in controlling their citizens.
Now that’s a good way to get weird with your neighbors!!! :] 
Damn! I thought micromanagement was bad enough already.
Another idea. My own personal drone to spot enemies with.
From what I've seen battery life on these tips out at about 15 minutes, but its a cool idea. Talk about sci-fi reality.
Phil B
That's hot just like the movie chronicle
Very sweet idea, but they need to adjust the ad, so that people know this would be indoor only. You see the guy going out and getting into his car with the mecam following. Not going to happen with the slightest wind.
Zed Kh
what the hill is these
i can built planes out of legos
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