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Staples and now Office Depot are both claiming July 12th is the day!
Google's new Nexus 7 tablet is causing quite a stir from potential buyers. With such an awesome tablet for a low price everyone seems to want one. While earlier
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I wonder if Best Buy will be carrying it. I have access to some gift cards I can use.
My wife pre ordered for my birthday, which is today! I'm hoping it arrives by the end of the week!
Does this mean people who ordered from Play Store will get it as soon?
Will be pissed if you can buy it in a store before my pre order from Google Play even gets shipped.
If I don't get my pre-ordered N7, or at least a shipping notification, before it hits a store shelf I'm going to flip a table!
+LeRoy Gomez I went to gamestop today to ask them about this because I, too have a pre order and the guy said "end of july". I swear if office Depot has it Thursday, then I'll take my money back from game stop!! Oh please be out this week lol
I hope it makes it to my mailbox NLT that date. :)
Ok, I just got off the phone with Gamestop. The rep said HOME DEPOT lol and Staples have been pulled from releasing it tomorrow and that he was under the impression Gamestop was selling it exclusively. 

So in other words, I'd imagine OFFICE DEPOT and Staples will have it tomorrow lol.

Those damn reps. 
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