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OVERFLOW THREAD -- this is the second thread for our Prime giveaway after the first exceeded the G+ comment limit. This is the new thread to enter our Prime Giveaway bundle. All entries from the previous thread count the same as this thread, no need to enter twice, same rules apply!

Android Community Transformer Prime Quad-Core Bundle Giveaway!

This is the main Google+ thread where you'll want to comment for your chance to win this ultimate prize bundle from Android Community and NVIDIA. Consisting of the Transformer Prime quad-core Tablet, keyboard dock, and a Powerbag messenger carry case!!!

1. Circle us on Google+ at: +Android Community
- Leave a comment in THIS thread telling us one or more ways you plan to use the Transformer Prime and that quad-core Tegra 3 processor. As well as any games you’re dying to play.

We will select a winner next week. Awesome! For all the details, and 3 chances to win one of FOUR bundles head to

Good Luck and don't forget to hit that "share" button!
Who wants to win the ultimate tablet experience from Android Community and NVIDIA? If you've been eying an Android tablet, and don't want to wait in those
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Plug an xbox controller and ditch the console and play shawdowgun HD on the commute into work.
How i use the sexiest tablet out there? Surfing all the day, root it and flash a nice custom rom & kernel! Playing Shadowgun, Modern Combat, Grand Theftand all the cool games out there! cant wait to see the amazed Ipad User Faces!! :)
I'll use it mainly for browsing and such, but I'll be writing in docs a lot more. Also, I'll be using AIDE. Honestly, the game I'll probably play the most is Angry Birds space, but if I had this, I'd definitely get GTA.
I write about mobile technologies and the Prime will be perfect tool for this job. Another case how to use it is maintainging of some Linux servera - with such a long batt life and keyboard it would be awesome:)And no way not to mention games...I would play...a lot...
Would be using it everyday & try to create apps (just learning how) & play "Modern Combat 3" I got for .25! Really getting into this game!
App dev, kid entertainment. Both if they learn Java faster than me!
Android is for using everyday for everything, I use an old t42 with xubuntu as for now and I despite Apple, apple is for eating or just to look at it until it rot !!!
I plan on using it to develop a community system to help spot and locate groundwater contamination. I will then use it to assemble a group of volunteers to mobilize and remedy the situation to the best of our ability.
Please Help me achieve my Prime directive.
Thank You,
Josh Gaines
I would use it to keep up with my social networks, play games (____ with friends, AB Space, etc.), surf the web, watch movies, listen to music, entertain the kids, and read my Android Community news feed on Pulse! Not to mention it will fill the hole left by OG Transformer that I had to sell when money was tight.
Start development on some sweet ROMS, use it to VPN with home and work, games, and force feed the flexibility, customization and sheer awesome to any iClone user that can understand what I'm talking about.
Play Games, browse the web, listen to music, stream netflix, take pictures, edit office docs, and download educational apps for my kids
Play - GTA3, Modern Combat 3, Shadowgun, the new Splashtop for Tegra 3 (Skyrim and Arkham City). Manage work and personal life calendars, organize my life a bit more since the only time I have to do that is when I am mobile...Did I mention gaming? Right ... okay yeah and game a bit more.
Just play sweet games. My iPad is so freaking lame. Just time for a change.
I'd like to play the awsome THD games on my full hd tv, so i can sell my crappy old PS2 :)
I'll probably get some sweet speech therapy apps and use it for therapy!
Count me in as well !
I'm heading to N12 this year and staying in the Nerdhaus, and I would use this to document the road trip and event.
I would use it to do work on he go. I travel a lot and I am currently working on my thesis, so I need something more notable than my laptop... And I would love to be able to play Dead Space and GTA as well :-)
Need tablet so my kid can watch movies, i can play games, and my wife can surf internets when we go vacation....must win tablet. :)
I plan to use my Asus Transformer Prime in making a**es out of my ipad hugging friends!
I would use this tablet to book my sons trip to Google I/O, because what's a good tablet without good developers!
I would use the Transformer Prime to more efficient in my job (College Administrator in Housing). If anyone has ever lived on a college campus, you may know the creative ways in which college students like to cause havoc. This would help me have resources and information only a touch away, communicate with students and colleagues more effectively, and manage and document issues in real time. It would also help me show my supervisors how tablets make everyone more efficient so maybe they'll invest in them for our department (a guy can dream, can't he) and how the ipad is not a superior device. I would already have one, but the education field isn't know for its high salaries :(
my desktop is a power hog, but very reliable and helps me stay productive, i plan to do the same while still consuming less power with the 4+1 cores. and to show that there is a better product than the ipaid
I plan to use it at my work cause it will be faster than their pcs
If I had a Transformer, I would be able to continue my note taking group using Google Docs. I started this when my class figured out that our teacher went through his Power Points really fast. I use my laptop in that class, but the problem is there is a limited amount of plugs. When we have the 10 of us all going at the same time, someone always has to run on battery power. Since it's a longer class and we are using a gratuitous amount of power, their computer usually dies.

And when I'm on campus, I have the ability to use the school's high speed connection to play Onlive games. I'm talking about 54Mbps. When I'm my PC, people walk by and their jaws just drop and watch. It's really cool that I can play any game I want.

I love Android, so I'll be right at home with the interface. I really, really, really, want an Ice Cream Sandwich device. Right now I'm suck on Froyo with my Samsung Transform.
Want to play GTA3 and Modern Combat 3 and will definitely use for work as well.
I would use this tablet for school and browsing. Having only a desktop to share with the family, getting a tablet would help greatly with needing to type up work and such. And with the Transformer Prime such rich graphics and processing power would allow me to stream HD Netflix and play awesome games such as Need For Speed or GTA! 
Steve S
Aside from putting the iPad to shame, I'd enjoy some flash sites and play Vendetta Online along with other tablet optimized 3D games.
I plan on using this ultimate device as a secretary of my life... It'll help keep track of my Track athletes attendance, athlete stats, and teaching of technique to them. It will also be helping me out in the kitchen by providing recipes and grocery lists. It'll keep track of my scheduled meetings and will let me know when to get ready for them. Plus, it will provide some entertainment of movies, games, reading, and music. This device seems to be a good replacement for marriage.
I plan on making it my main work gadget. All of the managers have iPads, and I'd be so happy to put them to shame with my Transformer Prime. After work, of course, comes lots of, movies, surfing, reading, just about anything I can think of.
Would be awesome to win this. Ever since my laptop's hard drive got damaged, its been much harder to do my school work.
I plan to use my brand new Asus Prime in school for lecture notes, assignments, research papers and graphing models. I will also be Skyping up a storm with my family most of whom are 15,000 miles way and for gaming, I look forward to pushing my cores limits while playing Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II like there's no tomorrow, woot!
I would give anything to get my hands on the Transformer Prime! The closest thing to a tablet I have is my 3 year old desktop..and I'm tired of losing out on all the games that everyone is waiting all day for a website to open or a file to download is not my idea of a good time! Although I've read and read and kept up on all the smart phone and tablet tech I've not been able to afford either as my family and bills come Thank You for this opportunity!! It really means alot.
I would love to have this for school, I would be able to work from anywhere.
Play some games (and impress/distract everyone around me) while in a lecture at uni :)
I would definitely use it for app development. I have been using AVDs (Android Virtual Devices) all these while. Tablets are expensive and I am currently still in school with loans so my priority is definitely my education. I've been reading that Shadowgun HD is definitely one should not miss, so I would definitely give that a try if I manage to get my hands on the tablet. But app development would definitely come first since it features great specs, not to mention ICS. :)
I would love to have this tablet mostly for development. But after hours of coding and testing comes the free time when I can play my favorite games on this masterpiece of technology called 'Asus Tranformer Prime' driven by Nvidia Tegra 3. Thank you.
I'd use it to replace my huge laptop for my day to day use and FINALLY have some games worth playing
If I owned a Transformer Prime, I would convert everything I could to Android, inside my home. The Prime would provide a much better experience playing the new games, like SoulCraft, compared to the small screen of my phone. Not to mention how much better video streaming and reading my fav tech blogs will be on it! Then, I could start working on my own ideas I have for apps. Not to mention the new services like Onlive. We live in an awesome time!
I am a middle school teacher, so I would take the Prime with me to school. I would get all my students hooked on Android ICS before they get sucked into the simple pimple world of the apple ipad. Plus on my lunch hour, I want to be able to play Sonic the Hedgehog 4 and Dark Kingdom on the Tegra Zone App. Those games transform me into a PRIME kid again!
The Prime would transform my life! With a keyboard, I could literally use that device only for business travel, and improve my digital life at home. The bag would be extra useful for all those long days on trade show floors with no access to juice
gaming in my off time, but going to a new job as project manager for the IT department will help me with the massive work and migrations from exchange envrioment to cloud hosting.

im not a guy with alot of money, ive never had the privelige to own a tablet device, the sheer amount of power and technology the asus transformer has, I mean who wouldnt love to own this briliant piece of machine, your talking about not just asus but nvidia, and android all three things which rule my electronic world....
I need the increase in Processing power and portability in order to be able to interface with my Tacheon Manipulator's Aesoteric Anomaly Buffer. Once I have that, I can manipulate past events in order to guarantee that I do, in fact, HAVE the Prime. You see the paradox is undeniable. You already have given it to me. You just don't know it yet.
Hey, I will use the Prime to carry all of my manuals for the two commercial aircraft I fly for a large canadian regional carrier. I will play any mindless game to pass the time.....
I'd use it for my e texts for college also with a cash register app and inventory app along with a spreadsheet with docs to go to track my weekend business finances more easily. It would also make it easier to order from my online suppliers in real time instead of waiting until I got home at the end of the day.
Looking forward to win one Asus tablet.
THIS is the pad I have been drooling over for months!! I have been learning how to speak Mandarin (off of my phone!) and the Asus Transformer Prime will/would be an essential tool in helping me achieve my goals. For anyone who has ever attempted learning another language, you know how difficult it can be - and any help, let alone this awesome tablet is a valuable tool to enable success! (Certainly won't mind playing Angry Birds on occasion too ;-) Hey, I have to de stress somehow ;0)
would love this to develop on!
Would love this so I could carry all my tech books, play games, and program on.
I'd like to just be able to do what I currently do on my phone only on a bigger and better device running my favorite mobile OS
Would love to be able to write applications to take advantage of the Tegra 3 processor and looking forward to Sonic 4 Episode 2
This tablet would come in handy in my portable recording studio. The Tegra 3 processor is excellent. I own stock in NVIDIA and I hope this company continues to be successful. I will promote the ASUS Transfomer Prime like a maniac. I go to school at San Francisco State University and having one of these would be helpful with school work also haha, I can't say that that is what I would be using it for most of the time. From what I have seen the gaming on this device is off the hook!!
The last reason as to why I would like this beauty, is to share it. No joke. My family isn't very tech savvy, and they don't own very many electronics, so I feel it would be very cool to give them a tablet to play with.
me and my boyfriend need one my new job as a child care aid insists i have a tablet to take with me to teach the kids there lessons when were on the road becsue this tablet can do it all im gonna to loose my job if i cant get one and i have no money to buy one please please please with a cherry on top
Leveraging technology in my solo law practice to practice law more efficiently every day. To that end I want to use a tablet like the Transformer Prime in the courtroom to access eReader versions of statute books, take trial notes, access documents, scan and upload documents from the court proceedings to my cloud based practice management system, dictate letters with Dragon's android app, and generally speaking use something other than an iPad (because I refuse to buy one) to help bring the practice of law into the 21st century.
I'll replace my ancient laptop with a nearly full hard drive and load up on some sweet NVIDIA games.
I will be using the tablet mostly for taking notes in class so I don't have to bring my heavy laptop with me everyday and I will use it for gaming and recreational activities, such as browsing, social media, and chatting with friends.
Nate dP
will use as a moving map when flying, my company just approved use of tablets in flight... Arriba-dance!!
I'd use a magnifying glass with that bright super IPS panel to melt ants just when they think they're safest.
I'd use it to build cool things with my Arduino ADK. I would also use it to test apps that I make in Eclipse
I'd use a tablet like this for mostly browsing, but Canabalt HD from the Humble Indie Bundle for Android 2 would look killer, as would Vector Unit's Riptide GP, and maybe I could finally pass "Higher and Higher" on World of Goo!
I'd use it primarily with the dock for college, taking notes, online research, and writing. Doesn't hurt that can run Shadowgun and the upcoming Combat Arms Zombies
I sit through a lot of karate and soccer practices and piano lessons... I would LOVE to keep my brain from going numb by playing Sprinkle while I'm waiting! Puzzle games deserve cool graphics too!
I am a Computer Science major and I have always been a gadget geek but never had the money for something like a tablet! It will help me A LOT in my classes as I am taking notes constantly and my laptop is old and too big... I will also develop APPs for it to utilize that amazin quad-core processor !!! As much as I like angry birds, this bad boy needs something tougher ! This will be my early Christmas present! :D
Really looking forward to getting stuck into Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode II on the Tegra 3, the Sonic games were a BIG part of my childhood!
Once OnLive desktop comes to Android this should be especially useful.
As someone with low vision there are so many things out there in the big bad world I've had to learn to do differently, the one place where I can shine has always been with new technology. So what will I do with it? Better yet, ask me what I won't!!
I work for a healthcare organization, and I want one to show them that iPads aren't the only tablets that can be used in healthcare! I challenged our desktop team to get me one of these so I could start showing them what we could do with it, but they didn't bite. Get it to me, and I'll help push Android in Healthcare! ;)
I plan on using the transformer prime to keep my life organized. And some HD Angry Birds...
I'm a blogger and I wish to use Transformer Prime to blogging on the go!
I've got to have a nice tablet to play hd games in college!
Id be playing all the games I'm missing out on after my Xoom died on me. My nexus s although a good phone doesn't have the screen or power to do them justice anymore and chrome brings it to its knees :-(
I need need need a tablet. :( I hate seeing people being all douchey (but cool) with their tablets and i just sit in envy. Waaah!
I'd use it for quiet browsing (no noisy fans, yippee!), ebooks, a bit of gaming and movies
i plan on using my Transformer Prime to pretty much do a lot of things i would do on my laptop
I would prance around my iPad-loving friends and taunt them with Modern Combat 3, Riptide, Netflix and the entire suite of Google apps.
I would use the Tegra 3 optimized tablet for a test run at games, as well as to use the supernote app
In order to gift it to my old father who wants an iPad badly. To stop him from making a mistake.
My 4 year old would probably play Angry Birds and other games any chance he got. When I could wrestle it away from him, I'd probably end up using it mostly for Netflix, Hulu+ or for games/web browsing while watching TV.
Would love to travel with this beast. I need to replace my MacBook and this would do the job. Also want to plug this bad boy into my TV and do some gaming. I love shadow gun and rip tide. Also that Dark Meadows game looks sick. I'm hoping that turns out well. Good luck everyone!
I've got homegrown watermelons to swap. just sayin.
I have finally found a use case for a tablet - accurately mapping out my landscape projects and what's planted where. Getting too old to remember and it drives me nuts. :)
I need this tablet to replace my old laptop in my office for my daily use.
I would love to try developing apps on this tablet! It will be my first tablet if I win it :)
Asus power! I would use it first and foremost to run infinity blade 2 and smoke my coworker's new iPad. Then laugh maniacally whenever his iPad literally begins to smoke. Autocad ws would run flawlessly on tegra 3 so I can view and edit drawings on the run in the field at work and beyond! Booyah!
Android Community and ATP FTW!! Cant wait to play SHADOWGUN on this bad boy!
I will use it mainly for reading and browsing the web while I most probably will replace it with my Mac laptop.
DEV DEV and DEV... With Online tools such as and DEV environments like AIDE - I wold use the primes awsome Screen and dock keyboard and brilliant power to Create more apps for Android on an Android tab.. currently im strapped to an Old PC - Id love to have the chance for freedom at the park to create More Apps in an App. ANDROID forever....
I would love to have this tablet it is by far the best on the market from what i have seen i would use it for traveling and typing papers and when not doing that i would use its super powerful processor for gaming

I can't wait to try all the games, however the "wave runner" game that I've seen advertised is the one I really want to play. What a great package give away you all have put together!!
Use it to take notes and put ebooks in it to replace my physical books and notebooks (which weight a lot combined)
I'm not going to lie... i'd probably not save the world, cure cancer, or save any whales. I'd most likely use it to show off to my friends.
Since I already own a TF101 by winning this one I will get the Prime and move my TF101 to my wife who has been stealing it for months now. After that i'll start spamming her google talk to be more social with ME instead of het G+ circles :D
I'll use the T Prime to generate massive amounts of jealousy and scorn from my iFriends
I would use it as a laptop replacement for school, and make sure all my iPad friends know my Transformer is better haha
I'd surf, watch video and entertain my kids on the go with it.
I would use a Transformer Prime mainly for school. I would also love to play some of my games I have for the TBolt (Shadowgun, N.O.V.A. 2, World of Goo) on a 10.1" screen.
The Prime! I would expose its deepest capabilities! Going from a dual core D3 that by the way is not getting the ics update from Motorola! ( not happy ) also from 3g to 4g! Ugh the speed... the thrills! Games? Phhhh.. all im playing right now is adult swim games! I love adult swim! Droid does!
I also want to use it as a laptop replacement for gradschooll. I also want to play games using it's quad core processor. 
Been thinking about getting a laptop and this is a formidable alternative. 
I'd like to experience Tegra 3 and learn to develop on the Android Platform. Good luck everyone!
I'd use it for sshing into the various servers I use at work and for the occasional game. Especially those games that won't run on my aging Droid Charge.
If I won this tablet, I would spend all day surfing the web, staying up to date on my social networks, playing games (any kind), and enjoying the awesome gift from the people over at Android Community.
Thanks if chosen.
My daughter and I enjoy legos. These would be great for displaying assembly instructions. Maybe some board games like monopoly.
I would use it to Skype my wonderful and beautiful girlfriend who lives in Missouri while I currently live in Connecticut.
Bill K
Keep me organized.
This would be my portal to the Internet at home. Right now I lug my laptop around from room to room. 
I would use it to take notes in meetings daily....secondly I would use it for all the media..and lastly, I would use it to help educate my nephew with all the educational apps.
Winning Transformer Prime would give me a sweet Android ICS App development computer with Quad core speed.
Show it off to every apple user I know and run into and attempt to convert them from the dark side
Uses for the Transformer Prime
1. Shadowgun, I want to see what all the fuss is about and just how well such a graphically intensive game runs on mobile hardware.
2. Glowball, because lighting is fun and who doesn't like to roll things around into other things?
3. Take control of my social media. Social media apps get the job done on my Galaxy S II, but I want more screen realestate for real control and media viewing.
The internet is a scary, creepy, and disturbing place. How better to view it than through the Tranformer Prime from the comfort of the comfiest couch in the house. If it gets too scary just boot up Shadowgun and blow a few things away to reset your braincells.
I gave my wife my iPAD in anticipation of getting the T-Prime, and I want to take into my office (I work in IT applications development) and show them how we need to push tablets out into the field.
I'd use the Transformer Prime to browse Google+ in its 1280x800 glory, watch Youtube videos, write blog posts thanks to the keyboard dock, and take pictures with the rear-facing camera.
I plan to use the Transformer Prime as my primary note-taking device in college.
I would take this beast to Afghanistan with me in a heart beat. I would of course play modern combat 3 with it but most of all i would use it to keep in touch with my wife and kids on web cam. I would love this because with my old laptop i have to plug a camera in and most of the time it does not work because my usb drive is all messed up and it wont work right......please this solider could use a break for sure.
I'd use the Prime to try my hand at app developing! Plus my laptop is about to kick the bucket, so it would be great timing!!
I'll use the Transformer Prime to take notes in college, NOT have to carry around huge textbooks, to play games (Mostly classic N64 or Game Boy games, sadly for dear Tegra) and to spread the joy of ICS with everyone around me!
I'd use it as a total replacement of my laptop. Install Chrome, Office Suite, Touchdown for Tablets, Remote Desktop, I'm rocking an almost complete replacement for my HP laptop. Oh, and it rocks an iPad.
I'd use it at Uni and show it off to all my friends with iPads. With the keyboard dock and super battery, it'd blow their minds. I'd also use the YouTube controller app a lot, as well as enjoying the blissful 720p screen.
My "laptop" is an ASUS G74, so it has about the portability of a brick wall. A Transformer would give me great portability for working on the go.
It'll be my primary media server which stream all the video/mp3 from NAS, and plug-in xbox360 controllers to play shadowrun at whatever corner in my house :D
This masterful piece of equipment would take over as my main source for everything media, gaming, and social networking related. I would stream and download and frag my way into a better future!
both my desktop and lap top took a wrong turn thanks to my lovely son who poured water down my Pc so please help a black dude out !!!!
Josh P
I am a high school student and i will use the tablet mostly for PowerPoint doc. and Word doc from school. If i where to win this tablet i would probably share it with my dad. It would also be a great travel companion, I will be able to watch movies, do my homework, and play awesome games on the go. I know he would love it because he takes an hour train ride to Chicago every morning and is always looking for something to pass the time.
This would be great for doing IT security research on and would effectively replace my big laptop!
I'm working on an app for people with hearing loss that'll allow them to make calls anywhere in the US with word-for-word captions of everything they hear. Gotta make sure works on the best tablet out there!
I would use it in my role as volunteer in the social housing sector helping people. Instead of having to sort out what files, documents, minutes and case notes I might need in the morning and inevitibly forgetting something that would come I handy or taking something I don't need with me. Instead the whole lot would be stored digitally on the tablet and everything I need would just be a short search away.

As a disabled person this would save pain, time and inconvenience , result is a more happy and more effecient helper for the better of others and of course as a volunteer I have a snowballs chance in hell to buy one due to living on disability benefit.

Good luck all
I want it, so that i can use it to show up all of the Crapple fanboys that i work with at At&t. I am pretty much the only android user in the store that i work in.
This would be great to help my daughter with school and having fun, and for me to browse and see what kind of quad-core goodness I can get from it!
I want to play some of the games with a controller and also more importantly video chat via hang-outs with my wife and see my new born as often as I can when not home.
I plan on using it for school and working in the graphic design industry... And I guess I'll play some games on it if you twist my arm!
I plan on using it for school and working in the graphic design industry... And I guess I'll play some games on it if you twist my arm!
I'll plan on using this while on the go doing my daily browsing and emailing and alittle work as a laptop is too heavy and I'm never home, Thanks Android Community!
i really enjoy the android interface and i want to be a developer for android and i truly cant wait to play ShadowGun, The Dark Meadow, and Meltdown On Mars Thd. Thank You So Much For the opportunity
I am a staff writer for my university's paper, and my laptop (after its six faithful years) has finally become impractical for its weight and battery life as a tool. I need a new computer for use in recording interviews, writing articles and papers, editing said work, and regular communications with my office. I also run a very small, sustainable, all-American produced and handmade textiles and accessories business from home, and my laptop in its current state of debility has proven a major stall in any profit. I would use the Transformer (in Champagne, of course; what's a girl to do but dream?) to enable myself in my future fields of writing, entrepreneurship, and academia. I confess that I do not play games, although I was, in middle school, the first female clan leader in Florida in Warcraft III. (Dragon clan, anyone?) Nowadays, I could really use the tablet for designing knitted and crocheted clothing, as well as keeping up to date on my favorite craft and politics blogs. Thanks for the chance, guys.
I'm not going to go on this long story like the rest of this poster. I would love the Tablet because I never owned one and because I would love to give it to my son.
I will use it as a do everything as my Xoom, which will be given to my parents to replace cable and landline service. The graphics and power upgrade will be amazing for gaming which is what i do the most. Slap it in a dock connected to my or any ones TV/Monitor add a controller or two and I'm good to go. Going to play Dead Space, Modern Combat 3, Asphalt 6, Shadow Gun, Zen Pinball, Riptide, Galaxy on Fire 2, Trainz, and just about everything! Also eager to try out Splashtop. Added that showing stuff like this to people out and about really shows them that there are more options than just what is mass marketed. Nothing is cooler than being a trend setter.
What will I do with the Prime. It will help me in enhancing my lazyness as I can do all my social networking and keeping up to date lying around. And when I need to be productive, I can just plug in the keyboard and get to blogging. A truly multi-purpose device this one!! Oh and can't wait to play Shadow Gun HD on it!!
Gaming all the way, cool kit with its quad core CPU and 12 core GPU, gaming on the move with console grade graphics quality. What more would one ask for..Except that it does 1080p video playback and to your TV using micro HDMI... Sweet...
asus transformer is definitely one of the most considerable tab in the market now .... it has potential to replace laptop for normal daily usage: watch video, play games. and also the physical keyboard provides way better experience in typing / messaging. developing apps here will be cool as well.
oh boy oh boy! The Asus Transformer Prime, how I would love the.. first off I would unbox it as if my mom was yelling at me on Christmas(don't rip the wrapping, I could reuse it!!!) I would let my account download all my apps. Then I would want to get the new Sonic the Hedgehog game to take me back in the day with new age tech! Also a benchmark app to test the speed of this badboy! You have no idea how grateful I would be to win, this would feel so great to have something to put a smile on my face with all I have goin on right now.. Either way, Thank you so much Android Community, Asus, an Nvidia for giving us the opportunity :)
I just want a tablet to take the place of my computer I would buy stuff for my kids bit mainly use it for work and movies etc
I can't wait to use the Transformer Prime to replace my netbook and play Shawdowgun HD. ASUS makes great quality gear and with the NVIDIA chip for power, how could you go wrong?
I want to play my humble bundle!
I can't wait to get my hands on this prime piece of equipment, so I can replace my silly notebook, and just bask in quad core glory. I'm going to play Nova so hard!
I would use the tablet for school (because I don't have a light enough laptop right now -->read: it literally breaks my back to bring to school). In terms of games, I guess I would play SimCity and also Battleheart. Also my birthday's coming up... just so you know... :)
I have been dying to buy a tablet for some time now but just don't have the funding for one! And not going to lie, but seeing the growing number of people around me with one or many! is making me extremely jealous! If I am so fortunate to win this giveaway [ :o)) ] I will be, one, showing it off to the world, two, Googling best game apps to download and downloading them, and three, talking to my family over seas and keeping in touch with grandparents! This tablet will help make the world a whole lot smaller for me. OH and four! Netflixing movies on the go!
Top 10 ways I would use the Transformer Prime: 10-Go into hiding with it while I learn all the fun things I can do with it** 9-Grand kids photo show for my Dad who had a stroke & can't see them on my phone** 8-Use it to escape my home office & work outside all summer *7-Take it to client meetings so I don't have to lug my 17" laptop **6-Connect to our home network to watch shows that aren't Anime, Archer or Family Guy (I have 3 boys) **5-Use it for "Transformer take me away!" moments (similar to "Beam me up Scottie" moments)* 4- Play all the same games as my sons just to mess with them *3-Bring it to my business group meetings where everyone has an iPad **2-Down load & read more e books** 1-Hold it aloft & shout "Transformers roll out!" every time I get into my car."
I want to win so I can play it lol.

1 core for school, 1 core for development, 1 for gaming and 2 for making fun of Apple ;) (yep the battery saver core will sure do it's thing)
I'm a programmer and I've never had a tablet because my work has always been desk bound. If I win this Transformer Prime, it will be my first tablet experience. And reading from the review of Asus Transformer Prime, I am sure it's going to change and TRANSFORM the way I am doing my PRIMARY work. Thanks to Asus to choose such a catchy name.
I'd use it for Road Trips! My wife could entertain herself for the entire day while I drive, without the need to plug it in. As for games, if I won this, I would finally download Angry Birds so I can get addicted like so many others. And look at all the other Android games out there to see how they stack up against the other platforms.
Top 11 ways to use a Transformer Prime: 11-Having this future tech is better then watching Mr. Bay's over-the-top CGI-ied "Transformer the Movie" series, I thinks... 10-Use it as a photoviewer 9-A Good Alarm clock. A good alarm clock can run you up to $50, and it doesn't do a fraction of the things the "I-Phad" (I Pad) does. It can't wake you up to the day's news, it won't show the weather, and it probably can't store as many tunes.V◔_◔_◔V 10- "Pandora music" box brings us ever so closer to the next Apocalype ლ(ಠ_ಠლ)! 9- You can never have too many Reality based television, Unfortunately My bedroom window is about 65 inches across. Thanks Hulu! "Hoop it UP."...
8- The Skype-ing, but beware big brother is still tracking your "Cell" movement. 7- I have mixed feelings. I LOVE how sedated kid gets when she or a he is watching a movie or TV show on a long trip. On the other hand kid can be so adorable.
6- 10inches maybe seem to long for a e-reader but at least you can BOAST about your brand new and vivid "10 incher" (•‿•)
5- The Jones's are restless, So I would pls to impress. 4- Baby's first tablet? Not on my watch! ﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿
3- Fancy Recipe banks are like "razor thin" these days... I hear. 2- COLD Labtops make nice tablet PC props... i know.
1- "Transformers" will Transform me.
Erica C
I <3 Android!!! Apple is LAME!! I <3 the Android Community for bring it's this awesome opportunity!! I <3 ASUS for bring do cutting edge, they actually release what they promise when they promise it! So pick me I NEED I THIS!!
How would I use it? I work with deaf people and we use many ASL videos with this tablet I could store everything in one place. Also I'm stoked to play Shadowgun :-)
I plan to use this as a replacement for my Toshiba laptop that recently broke. The laptop was about 7 years old and I haven't been able to afford to replace it. The keyboard and bag are perfect for my needs. Thanks for you consideration.
If I win, I will be happy. Sharing tech with my kids is helping them learn to love science, and get an idea of what their dad does for a living. Playing great games like Sonic won't hurt my opinion either.
I plan on using it to skype with the family when out of town, play Modern Combat.
1.Play GTA 3
2nd. Play some Draw something
I would use this for content creation, especially during meetings, as well as a reader.
I will use the beautiful prime tablet to first of all bookmark in my dolphin browser that I download from Google Play. I will then take a picture with the tablet and thank for the giveaway. After that I will checkout some of the latest high def games that will run smooth with the NVIDA Tegra 3 CPU!
The Asus T.P. would be a great laptop replacement device. Light, powerful, portable...:-) 
This fall, I start grad school in human-computer interaction, in an effort to prepare for a career in user experience design. I ultimately long for a career where I can help create websites and apps that not only give users what they need, but give them an uplifting experience as they get those needs. I want to add the touches that can make someone's day, the way that Google's easter eggs (e.g. kayaking across oceans in Google Maps, giving spam recipes for links in Gmail's spam section) do.

The Transformer Prime will allow me to have first-hand experience with the kind of touch-based interfaces that is becoming so commonplace in our phone and computer technology. It'll allow me to explore and test current apps, and program and test apps I help design. The same can be said for websites in general.

In short, I'd use the Transformer Prime to make the Internet and touch-based technology more fun for everyone.
I'm going to use it in the same way I'm using TF101 for now but with more PRIDE, FASTER, SMOOTHER and LONGER then with the one I own. And to show others that iPad environment can't stand with this one. I know I can't win, I'm living in Europe, but why not to share the ideas ? :-)
This fall, I start classes for my Computer Science major ad it would be awesome to have a tablet that I can not only take notes on, but also test my programming knowledge throughout the class by writing ROMs and other awesome Linux based programs and testing them on this Tablet! The game I am most pumped for to be optimized on NVIDIA Tegra 3 is SONIC!!!
Wanna beat New iPad2 or iPad3 or iPad2S or whatever its name is with every 3D game!!!
I would install AIDE on it and start developing apps and widgets while travelling between home and work. For games I would start installing the tegra games app, and use that to buy some sweet games.
I would like to push the boundaries on Android and try to fit it into my personnel, work, and son's life. Also I've always wanted an Android tablet :-)
This tablet is amazing, I have been following its design production and release , all through Android Community's RSS feed. I would love this tablet, and would play alot of games. i haven't had much of a chance to play the better graphic games as my phone wont support it too well, although this tablet would.
1. Collect Asus Transformer Prime
2. ?
3. Profit
Looking to use the Transformer as my diary and laptop replacement, not to mention listening to some music!
Are you pondering what I'm going to do with it? I'm going to take over the world!
I'd use it for pretty well everything! Word processing, gaming, surfing.....theres not a whole lot I couldn't do that I already do on a PC. So this would be an awesome PC replacement! And of course Id be playing lots of Asphalt 6.
I'd use the Transformer for work - the add-on keyboard would make it much more useful for note-taking, and the extra battery would make sure it lasts all day long when taking lots of notes!
Did I comment already or not, I can't remember...
Anyway, a tablet/netbook hybrid is just perfect for university because sometimes you need a proper keyboard to type stuff (or for a programming project) but sometimes when following a presentation it would be much more convenient to detach the keyboard base and just use the tablet portion via touchscreen. I think the TPrime is currently the perfect device to converge mobility and functionality.
Plan on retiring my old TC1100 and use the Transformer as my main business/personal computing device (email, browsing, note taking, blogging, etc).
I plan on using this for work and my Kids love the Zoodles so they will use it as well.
First thing I would do is plug it in to my TV in front of a friend with an iPad then connect my Logitech bt mouse. Then I would show off all the incredible widgets in Ice Cream Sandwich and the awesome power of real multitasking. Then I will play Angry Birds Space on my HD big screen TV. When I get board, I will root it install CM 9. And since new CM9 allows root off, I will use it at work to take payments for my services and collaborate on Google Docs with my colleagues. Oh man, if I don't win this competition, I might just have to go get one for my birthday on 3.27, cause now I feel like I need to do all those things with a 10.1" screen.
I would love to be able to use my Transformer Prime to help network to find rescues for the overwhelming number of needy dogs in our shelters in Ky. Typing on my cell phone makes it hard to send as much info as I would like!
I need to use this tab while driving to Vegas to show cops that I'm playing space bird angry to avoid being pulled over...while sober
If i win a Prime, i would use it to type documents and do some work in school. i no longer need to bring my heavy laptop everyday.
The same thing we do every night, Pinky try to take over the world!
It shall be the final piece in my Apple Squish-inator!!
I don't have a laptop and this could be my laptop and portable gaming console as well. Wanna play ShadowGun on it.
I was planning to use it to chronicle my daughter's life as inspired by the Google Chrome Sophia commercial
The TP would be my everyday machine, from morning weather and news, to work, to games with kids and Grand Theft Auto III!.
I just realized that this contest ends on my birthday! I've been looking at the Transformer Prime for quite a while now, or do I mean lusting? I could use a tablet at my job for ordering and inventory (I've been using a Xoom FE and it works great, but a keyboard would be awesome).
For me Andriod has always been my right hand man since their launch. Leaving apple was the best decision and will never look back. I use all of Google's resources seamlessly on my Andriod phone (which are free, unlike apple's) and would love to see them on a bigger screen with a bit more power. I would love to play GTA III, Modern Combat, ShadowGun, Meltdown on Mars, as well as your classics; angry bird, zombieville, doodle jump, and cartoon wars. I would love to have ICS on an Asus tablet, they always have to best quality products and always quick to update.
If i had the Transformer Prime i would use it in tons of ways. Linking it to my SGS2 for some awesome gaming. Playing movies remotely. Keeping the kiddos entertained on the go with Netflix and games. Easier recipe ready in the kitchen all while watching food network :-) Showing it off to iPad users, and what a real tablet can do! Keep up easier on all my Android news and best of all just knowing that i have the best dang tablet for every task tiny life.
I would use this as a laptop replacement. It would also be used to help get the hubby off his Apple crutch
I'm a High School Teacher, and I would use it to demonstrate to my colleagues how to integrate the power of the Transformer Prime in to the classroom including textbooks, apps & online resources like Google Apps for Education. It has so much more potential than what is being done with IPads!
I plan to use the tablet at work by utilizing the RDP apps to remote into servers and desktops. Taking my ability to make changes in our domain mobile. Not to mention being able to use it as a mobile entertainment device when away from home.
I am an IT Manager and I have the TF101. This tablet, in my opinion, is the best tablet on the market, next to the Prime of course! I use this tablet to VPN into the network and remote desktop into every computer that needs maintenance. I do have the keyboard dock, and it never comes off. When at home, my kids enjoy watching NetFlix and our collection of movies on our media server using MyNet. If I were to win the Giveaway, I would give my old TF101 to my co-worker so that he could work more efficiently as well. Oh! and I would check out SoulCraft THD because I know it would rock on the Tegra 3!
I think the tablet would be perfect for me! Taking notes in college and stuff, but that is boring... I want to use the Quad core CPU and the 12 core GPU to play games like Shadowgun, that game looks awesome! Oh also to rub it into my iPad owning roommate!
This wouldn't be for me, It'd be for my wife (to cure her Droid 3 woes), which means my teenager would probably get the most time on it ... I forsee lots of Tripletown and draw something in it's future.
As a student and an educator, the Transformer is an ideal computing device. I would use it for teaching and research, taking it to the classroom and the library, returning to the keyboard to write longer lesson plans and papers.
I would use it to carry around all the instructional videos that I use Thanks for the chance to win.
I am a fan of speed, a design enthusiast, and a drooling follower of all things Google. I am in the works of creating a consulting business that will aide other businesses in creating a strategy for the use of consumer technology with their internal workforce. From the use of things like Square, to cell phones and even tablets. Based on reviews, I have been eyeing this tablet as my premier recommendation for an Android tablet. As I am bootstrapping my business, I would love to win this so I can give it thorough review and use it daily for presentations and watching movies. And have a nice toy to play with.
This summer, I'll be changing hats. I'll be going from a contractor to a full time, stay at home daddy. I figure that this tablet is my chance to get one last shiny new toy before resigning myself to 18 years of personal poverty. It'd be nice to look up recipies on a screen bigger than my phone, and I imagine myself surfing comfortably after the baby has already fallen asleep in my lap. Damn, I'm sounding domesticated already. Anybody got any good recipies for Quiche?
Quad core, slim, sexy, portable - able to play my favourite HD games - running on sleek ICS firmware - what other reasons do I need to give? I won't feed the poor or save the world, or even let my wife use it, but I'll certainly be as nice as I can, when telling people to get there grubby paws off my ASUS Transformer Prime. 
It'll be good for reading eBooks and browsing without having to turn on the computer.
Between the power (both processing and battery) that this prize package brings to the table, there's almost nothing I can't do!

However, that would imply that I could do almost everything. But, should I do almost everything? Were I to do almost everything, then that wouldn't leave much for everyone else to do, and that seems kind of selfish.

So, I guess I'll just sit around and play Angry Birds in Space, Dead Space, Shadowgun, Modern Combat 3, Anomaly, Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave, Field Runners and Golden Arrow until everyone else has had their fill of doing almost everything...and then I'll do everything else. ;-)
I'd use it as a second screen - makes me double-productive, or not.
It will be perfect to manage my workorders, invoicing and recieve payments will in the field servicing computers. It will almost completely replace my netbook (still doesn't have a ethernet port for configuring routers). I think I read that I can use a usb to ethernet adapter with it but it may have to be rooted for that to work. Battery life is excellent and very important to me in the field.
I am an Android fan and I can't picture myself using other than an Android tablet
Could really use this for my travels!
Would love to use this instead of printing 100s of pages of sheet music... and then there's Angry Birds... :-P
I'm a county coordinator for a grant that is looking at creating and using technology to help older adults age in place. Since we're going to be using some up to date technology such as tablets, smart-phones, and such it'd be great to have one!
I'm in for using on flights for great movie viewing...
I can't wait to play any games on Transformer Prime.
Use as my travel, Hulu, Netflix, You Tubing, Presentation, movie watching, book reading, music networking, mobile gaming, machine.
I've yet to get my hands on any type of tablet. Oh how sweet it must be! Not just the larger screen but this is quad-core! I would use it for games and productivity, like remote desktop.
I would be replacing my personal computer pretty much. I already have a Transformer TF101, which I would give to my son in case I got this one. I would be finding ways to do all my regular work from this great device - e.g. email, browsing, developing, etc. This would probably be my encouragement to take a serious look at Android App creation.
I'll say it, my love life sucks... I need this Prime to be my wingman! Yes I am gonna take this tablet everywhere I go and use it to do everything and then a beautiful techie girl is gonna spot me (and my Prime) and fall in love with us (I mean me). She is gonna love the powerful Tegra 3 quad core processor that I possess. It will be a match made in heaven! If we do fight (and we might) it will be about who can kick more butt in Shadowgun.
I'm all about Splashtop with the Prime. It's like home away from home for gaming. Throw in the keyboard and fire up the VPN and you can kiss that heavy work laptop goodbye. On top of that it's a PRIME, the only tablets that have achieved that level of distinction and can carry the Matrix within them. I should get out more. I'm in.
I can't wait to play with the ultimate tablet.
i would use the transformer for everything gaming, programming reading the possibilities are endless
i'll use this package of goodies for better productivity throughout the day on a professional and personal level....i bet this can handle whatever i throw at it in terms of usage....can't wait to win and play those bodacious games
Mostly for work away from home since I wouldn't have to lug around my clunky laptop, but also for reading, app development, and other regular tasks... The Transformer Prime can do almost anything!
Isn't the question, what wouldn't I do with it? Nothing! I would use it all day, every day for every thing!
Heading back to school, need a powerhouse computing machine that's ultra mobile! I can't lug around my old 10 lb 17" laptop, now can I?
I would use the transformer Prime to make my ar-drone follow me automatically!! The drone transmits video from its on board camera, I want the quad core processor and GPU to track me and control the AR drone using image processing algorithms!! I'm a student and cool things is what I do best. :)
Waiting Since forever to play EvE-Online on a tab; with Splashtop THD and the transformer, it could be true... ooohh.. nerdgasm
I would use my Transformer Prime for everything, I hate my desktop, I would use it to surf the web, play games, email, and do it wherever I want to in my house. Not to mention the added plus of being able to use it on the go bumming off my friends and family wifi. And all the while not have to worry about the screen cracking, or it being slow cause it's got the best processor out there
I would use my Transformer Prime for everything! Surfing the web, completing school work, playing amazing games, and even basic things like entering contests to win more Android essentials!
I'd use the transformer prime to replace my laptop work in class and then share it with the family when I get home. My cousin got one a few days back and i'd love to have one for myself, but funds are not there at the moment
I plan to use mine on my weekly work travels. When the flight attendant says turn off all phones and iPads, I will proudly keep my Transformer Prime on letting the flight attendant know that this is no iPad! And then I'll be arrested and one of you will need to bail me out. I'll give you my new TF in exchange for bail money.
This would be a great upgrade from my TF101, AND I could run some tests against my brothers "new iPad" to see what just how inaccurate the "4x as fast" claim is ;)
266th post wins? My wife would be sooooo happy w you cause I could stop bugging her to buy one! Pleeeeeaaassee?
I would use it as ebook and as little office, since it doesn't need to be plugged in for a day or more.
Oh my gosh!! I am so excited about the Transformer Prime. It is going to be my 50th birthday present to myself (I deserve it!) My rooted NookColor doesn't have enough processing power to handle my extensive eBook Library (that was my 49th birthday present to myself) LOL! So, I can't wait to try out reading a book on the TF. I also plan on ripping all my DVDs and CDs to a WD 1TB Passport. The TP, dock and my Passport will be all the technology I'll need to take with me on vacation this year...except, of course for my Andorid phone and digital camera. Yay!!!
I would use it to show my love for Optimus Prime ( because of the name "Transformer Prime"). I would to play Tegra 3 games on it such as Shadowgun and Zen Pinball with the new Marvel Pinball Tables and last but not least be able to browse the web and play videos at breakneck speeds.
i would use it for work and play! it will be my primary device. my tablet phone (samsung charge) doesnt quite cut it.
My job includes needing to be able to browse the web from a device it can be anything as long as it can browse the web so I started saving for a kindle fire but when I saw all this giveaway and saw all the cool things this tablet has I couldn't help but do this because it could save me a lot of money.
6:49 PM - Edit
i want the tablet, because i would use it while at work on weekends, also noone on my job has one yet. i'll be the first and then maybe more will follow as always.
I'm currently teaching myself how to program games and target Android for the builds. Currently I have only a handful of Android phones, this will help me to target not only phones but tablets also.
Yep, absolutely need one of these for some real gaming, as well as Android app development!
First of all I'd like it to help me with my college studies because I don't have a computer or smartphone and I don't have enough money to buy my self anything like these devices and this device could really help me
I've always liked to root and flash my new devices by doing this i can make my device faster and I have fun modding things The first thing im going to do If I get this is root and unlock all the goodies this tablet has!
I am a Certified Information Systems Auditor and this would come in extremely handy when testing the various controls and not having to be locked down to a Widnows or Apple product.
My laptop just went down so I would use this beast around the house alot and for when I travel.
Would love to use for the Primes Supernote app as I finish up my Master's. I also have to read loads of research and PDF files. I would be able to keep all my classes notes on one tablet without different folders/binders/notebooks filling up my backpack. Having this ability alone would be an absolute dream. Also, who doesn't want to play Shadowgun HD ;)
Str8 Developing. I would love this to be my first Android device. Would be the perfect on-the-go portable device for gaming and Android app development. (Shadowgun)
We have four laptops in our house. Two are broken.. Which means my girls think my laptop is theirs. I am currently watching my movies and playing my games on my tiny little android phone. I NEED a bigger screen. I think the Prime would work perfectly for me. :D
Ive wanted a prime since i first saw them and i currently have a kindle fire, its driving me nuts. plus, one day i want to learn how to make apps, why not on a nice tablet
I would give the Prim Tablet to my husband, he is constantly frustrated by our 10 year old antiquated Desktop. He loves to play games like Texas Hold'em, Bubble Pop, Star Wars, etc. and he loves to watch movie trailers. My husband is a big movie buff, he follows trailers, reviews, and release dates.
I would use the Prime to make my life a little easier and I would take advantage of the unlockable bootloader. I would also use it for watching movies while on vacation or on the road.
This would be a good birthday gift for my son and whats even better is that I get to save money and he gets something that he really likes because he's a fan of android
Would love to help in development for custom roms for Transformer Prime and Play all the Tegra games.
I want the prime for games, movies, and digital drawing. I don't have a tablet or my own personal computer so I would be using it as a computer/entertainment device which is pretty much what it was made for though lol. And games I really want for it are Shadowgun and Hamilton's Great Adventure. The tegra 3 games look awesome. 
Asus and NVIDIA came togeather to make the perfect tablet, I look forward to playing all Tegra 3 optimized games, not picky. I look forward to not using my pc and going everywhere with this POWERFUL piece of hardware.
Currently learning to develop Android apps; It would be great to have a flagship tablet to test on. Of course, I'd probably end up playing more than a few games on it as well...
I'd use it to try the Tegra 3 optimized games. It could also come in handy for BrewR.
As both a photographer and a teacher, I would use this as both a tool, and a way of promoting myself and my work. 
This is an amazing machine. I will be using it for everything. I might as well sell my laptop, cause it will be covered in dust. Prime out!
I’m a college student who is looking for a very portable and capable device. I want a tablet that is comparable to that other big name tablet but I also want to stay in the android ecosystem. I would use this devise to do everything from schoolwork, watching movies and catching up on Android news with Android Community. This is the device for me!
Ilya S
One of media tablets I'd like to have for work&play.
I would use the transformer prime quad core for everything. Its like a pc but with the best of android and flash and google. all work,school, and communicating will be the future

The question is really what wouldn't I do with this bad boy in my hands.. wait I would have to worry about my hands getting burned off...
I would use it to develop games, play tegra 3 games and just to make make my imagination fly!
Besides watching movies, listening to music, surfing the web and social media and communication; I'll be using this to do translation, record new voice tracks and mix new soundtracks to indigenous media!
Oh yeah, and I'll be doing a lot of this in the Amazon jungle. =)
I'd use it for anything and everything... what CAN'T you do with a tablet like this?
I'ld use the transformer prime strictly for school work, like making spreadsheets and word processing. Ok, now that my mom's not looking anymore... school work?! Really? On a quad core?! You didn't really fall for that, did you? Ipads are for school work! The transformer prime is made for BLADESLINGER!! Yeh baby, rich 3D graphics here we come! 
I would be surfing and playing Shadowgun, maybe even Rip Tide...
I would tottaly use it at college for writting down notes and finalizing reports. I would also love to see how well it will handle a xbox 360 cntoller. This will also come in handi when i need to do somebresearch on a pc or laptop im working on or when coding. please let me win!!!
I really want to see how this can be used in Education. I am an elementary school teacher, and my school board is all iPad crazy. I am unconvinced, and I want to explore the other options. This also fits in well with my own studies/professional development: I am doing my Master's in ICT in Education as well.
To communicate with my daughter while she is away at school.
I plan to get a game controller and Onlive and use it as my primary gaming console
Jim Gar
I would definitely use the prime to type easily on the forums and replying to emails and facebook. That extra battery in the dock will go a long way when i travel. And i cant wait to play shadowgun THD! Take that apple! 
The Prime would be my "road dog". Camping and road trips would rock with this tablet!
<sarcasm> I would install iPhoto, Keynote, Pages, Numbers, ... Oh no wait that's for the new iPad. I must be in the wrong thread, never mind then </sarcasm>
I would use the prime for developing new apps and games and.... of course for playing :P
WOW! I would love a prime, especially the amethyst grey, for on the road and as an all-around netbook replacment. I love the gaming possibilities of the Tegra 3 and am waiting for some rpg-goodness!
As Race Director of the Lake George Triathlon Festival, I'd put the ASUS Transformer Prime Quad-core Bundle to the test on race day - tweeting / facebooking race pics & results, track times, volunteers and sync with medical tent records to print out in case of an emergency... And on the other 362 some odd days - just play baby!
I'd use it for business purposes, of course due to the keyboard. I bought my wife the original transformer last week as a present. But if I win this one she'll envy me now!
Let's be honest, I'd use it for whatever I could. Playing games, business use, surfing the web while sitting on the couch. It would be my new companion. Plus I am not sure which games yet. I really want to try them all.
This would be great for gaming, web surfing, etc. I would love to play Shadowgun on this.
Looking forward to getting my hands on an Asus Transformer Prime. IT will go nicely with my Asus laptop running Linux and allow me to become a bigger developer!
I want to use this tablet for my email, skype, chat, etc tools with my wife & kids, cause in the next several month they will be out of country..
mainly reading (epub books, safari online books, online novel, etc) and email
I would program like a maniac and would try to make a super ultra cool game to show off everybody :D
I would like to know what the big deal is about with all the quad core devices..
would be my first experience with android; I plan to use it for web surfing, movies, school, playing, developing, brushing my teeth and doing my laundry if possible, I'm sure a Prime can do it !
I'm gonna get it. Break it. And ride it to the Android Treasure.
I'm in need of an excellent tablet for use at work, and this one definitely fits the bill. It's ideal for carrying around on the plant floor and review my files.
i wanna play some games on it... preferably some world of goo or some shadowgun! maybe some modern combat 3
i would use it for school and playing games and just browsing. pick me.
I honestly would use it for remote controlling my various home systems from bed, when paged during the middle of the night. No longer having to stumble out of the room to take care of an errant server or application. Would also use it for Skype with family and my friends in India
I shared,Thanks for a chance to win.I would use it for ebay shopping and sharing pictures and keeping contact with friends and famiy.
I would use it as my "library" for studying and prepping sermons and as my notebook for meetings and administration.
Adam M
I'd use this beast to watch HD movies, play games I can't on my phone, and probably replace my laptop entirely. Yes, definitely.
Work remotely when necessary, write notes, read, surf, watch HD movies, play games, not need laptop.
Will make heavy use of it as I move between departments on campus to provide technical support; replacement for my iPad 2.
I would use it to write music, games, email, work, education...everything!
This tablet would help me whole lot from me able to study, read up on new and coming software on them long bus rides to be able to bring up reference while working in the animation industry. and of course indulging in my geek side and playing some sweet games. I have always stood behind invidia and always plan too. Not to mention the fact that I can stick in the old HDMI cable and see all of its hd glory up on the big screen
I work in a world of Ipad users who bring their devices to all the meetings. They swear by their tablets and think nothing else compares to an Ipad. i would love to show up with the best android tablet and prove them wrong!
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