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If you love Android raise your hand. (or finger from keyboard)

Say hi, or share and +1 this post so we can see all the fans...
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Just look at my new cover photo... 'nuff said...
If I could I would +100 this post! :-) love Android an all things google!!!
I be lovin meh Android powered phone(s) and tablet(s)!!!!
Only if the devices are as good as the OS, Google will definitely rule the world.
There well under way to ruling the world give it a couple years! ;+)
Just got one and love love love it!
Most in my office are Apple fanboys... I'm working on showing them the error of their ways ;-)
I got called "Android Man" yesterday. Trust me, I don't look good in tights :)
I just knew how powerfull Android was, after compare it with blackb**ry. Long live Android!
no,It's rezound,an awesome phone;)
Android man.. haha that is awesome. and +sk green that's cool. You said pen and I thought Galaxy Note.
i love Android! Fragmentation and all... lol
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