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After getting my Bionic I'm done with Motorola.
I love Moto's build quality though. I wish they would make a Nexus phone. I can't deal with skinned phones.
+Stephen Gaskins Jr. They most likely will. They're are rumors of multiple nexus phones later this year from different manufacturers. I assume that especially now that Google owns Moto, that one of the manufacturers will be Motorola.
+Stephen Gaskins Jr. Btw, Moto's new ICS skin appears to be very minimal. With the main changes being some blur skinned icons and a slightly modified lock screen so u may actually like this one. :)
True. Moto has stated recently that they no longer even refer to it as BLUR anymore because of how minimal it is. ASUS was applauded for starting this trend with the Transformer series tabs by just including a couple of add ons, then leaving it alone.
It wouldn't surprise me if Verizon released this phone AFTER their new data sharing plans kick in.
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