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Android Community WIMM Spring Developers Project Giveaway -- Comment thread #1

1. Follow and circle our Google+ page at: +Android Community
2. Leave a comment in this thread with your idea for a Micro App that would work great with WIMM in the future.
3. We’ll pick a set of our favorites and select a random winner every 24 hours starting on the 15th of February!

It’s just that simple ladies and gentleman! You can submit only ONCE per giveaway so make sure to put your best ONE idea out there. It will then be adding to the random drawing along with the other top ideas or applications we’ve chosen as a team. Put on those thinking caps and give us some ideas!

Here’s the full rules as well, if you’re wondering about all the legalities of the situation:

Giveaway begins February 14, 12:01AM PST, and ends February 24, 12:01AM PST barring any complications finding winners. A winner will be announced every 24 hours here in the main news feed and at our official Facebook page.

WINNERS will be given the opportunity to submit a review of their WIMM One unit and have it posted on the front page of SlashGear or! *Reviews may be edited or modified before publication and are considered works for hire under the 1976 Copyright Act. Submissions will be ineligible for payment or remuneration.

Competition is open to residents of the US over the age of 18. One entry per giveaway per person. Family members of Google and SlashGear/Android Community are not permitted to enter. Competition entries are only accepted via the specified SlashGear Facebook page; entries left in the comments section of this or any other post will not be recognized.

The winners will be contacted by a SlashGear or Android Community staff member upon being selected and will be expected to respond to that staff member; they will be expected to respond within 24 hours else their prize may be forfeit and another winner selected. Editors decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winner agrees that their name and details of their entry may be used for promotional purposes by, but not limited to, WIMM, SlashGear, and Android Community.

Prize consists of one WIMM One developer unit to be announced at the start of each 24 hour giveaway period. One prize per winner. 10 total winners. There is no cash alternative or any other alternative for prize winners unless this prize should become unavailable, in which case SlashGear and WIMM reserve the right to substitute another prize of equal or greater value.

Giveaway provided by SlashGear/Android Community. Prizes provided by WIMM. Any questions regarding this giveaway should be directed to
For those looking to get the Android development and brainstorm train going we have just the device for you. The WIMM Android-powered smartwatch. The WIMM
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A great Micro App for a wearable device would be a health and well being app that would give periodic and timely reminders to get up from your desk and stretch and rest your eyes.
A great app would be a sports box score app. Mainly for Baseball as it has the best box score but other sports would benefit as well
Originally I thought adding some code for using it as a Google Authenticator would be awesome, but then I realized I could roll my own two factor authenticator for all of my personal PC's.

In Linux its pretty simple with a PAM module and it shouldn't be too bad to make it work for windows/mac too.

This could be a really awesome use case on top of the standard, more obvious, use cases.
Tic-Tac-Toe, I wish I could download the SDK right now, then I could make it.

nvm: just found the sdk download link. here comes tic-tac-toe
Any quick info apps would be perfect as Micro Apps for a wearable device - and with a localized bent - live sports scores, local traffic/weather/breaking news... and speaking of local, micro apps that could use your location and your preset interests to flag when you're near a POI that's truly of interest to you (i.e. if you're always looking out for comics or sports memorabilia or antiques for that matter, when you're in the vicinity of such an enterprise, you'd be alerted).
Something I really enjoyed with one of my watches was the ability to switch between different time zones with only a click and storing up to 99 different cities times, including UTC, which was useful for my field at the time (Astro-physics) If it's going to be a watch, it may as well be an amazing piece at time keeping.
Much like the Garmin watch, a gps tracking app that will log a run/walk and post your workout to your social networks. I use the mapmyrun app on my phone to log all of my workouts and see what kind of pace i was keeping and how far i much better than a standard stopwatch!
For those of us road warriors addicted to google maps and navigation, having a watch micro app that can start vibrating when you are about to miss a turn or drive into a nasty traffic jam would be killer... not to mention a great way to fend off road fatigue. As an added safety feature, an intrepid developer could add an option to start vibrating like crazy if the driver hasn't moved their wrist in a while. If some folks prefer visual to tactile cues, the wimm can be stuck on the steering wheel or instument panel and display simplified turn instructions without causing as much driver distraction as a full smartphone screen would.
was thinking it would make for an interesting interface into a augmented reality game, spy vs spy type game.
Write an app for Hasbro's new Lazer Tag gear so that you can fold the phone down and see where you are shooting, but still be able to check you ammo and hit points!
Since a lot of the Smart watches have the ability to get text notifications I think it would be cool if you could setup quick responses, choose one on the watch and have it send it from the phone. Instead of having to pull out your phone for every single reply. Also have the app be a part of the phone so you can edit the quick responses to say what you want them to say.
This could prove a sensational device, and especially on my non-conversational wrist. "Grazie"
A Schedule app. It can show you where and when you have to be at the next place and can vibrate/ringtone to warn you. It could have a calendar that's part of it and can switch back and forth between the two views.
An app to keep track of the people around me with Android phones so I can ignore my bosses better.
Knight Rider comes to mind. An application that would communicate with your car in several ways. If you can't find your car, GPS will locate it. Want to unlock and start your car, a couple of actions in the application will take care of it. And once a "Knight Rider" like car hits the production line in the future, you could even communicate with your car through the watch application. Just imagine the possibilities!
A tilt game that you can play on the go. Whether you're wearing it or holding it. All you need to do is tilt the device.

This device is also ideal for location based games. A laser tag like game with 2 teams or free for all. If the player is within range of another player, a button will appear on both devices and the one who press first and specify the right direction wins a point and the other loses one.
I thought it open worldwide...:-(
For the traveler- You are in a town/city with public transportation (bus, train, taxis, subway). Now you want to get from A to B, but your options are not readily in front of you or you are unfamiliar with the area to know. You look around for a map or schedule only to find none or there is one on the otherside of the side of the busy street. So what do you do? Ask someone passing by or walking around lost looking til you find something? GPS is helpful for literally getting around, but it will not tell you specific information.

So, what to do, what to do... You look at your watch navigate to your app. You are confronted with options;
- Saved locations (can look at other towns you have saved or prvious searches for local)
- New local location (Shows nearby taxi, bus, train, subway, ferry if applicable). You select which you want to see. This lets you see the time the next stop to your location is going to be and and arrow pointing which way to it if you are not at the pickup. You can also from this point scroll up and down to see other times as well. Tapping on an icon brings up a map of the route you are looking at (option to send to smartphone if you want a bigger viewing area).
- New destination (shows you multiple choices of getting to your specific destination using combinations of different transportation if there are any.

Companion app to be installed on phone to do all the same things, but the phone would be the apps data storage for phone and watch. The companion phone app would have option to input schedules if none have been made for a specific or even the town. Schedules would be uploaded to a cloud server and available to other users.

There are similar options with some gps, but this would be more user driven as it is seen more thru the eyes of a pedestrian.
a finance app that would actually give u notification based on certain parameters like the stock price reaching a certain point warning you that you should buy or sell something.
I would like a simple app to help me keep track of my daily calorie intake. For each meal I would enter the calories and at the end of the day I could easily see the total. The app could also keep track of weekly totals and your average daily calorie intake. Because the device is on my wrist it would be super easy to quickly enter calorie information (without needing to pull out my phone). Hopefully this would make me think twice about stuffing that candy bar down my throat. The app could also keep track of your morning weight and let you know what your weekly average is.
As I am a frequent traveler, I have been using Google Maps on my Android phone to navigate around all the time. Taking my 4.5" phone out and putting it back into my pocket all the time can sometimes be a hassle, especially when I am carrying my luggage. With this, I see many possibilities. Instead of having to check my phone regularly, I can now pair the WIMM One with my phone and navigate around with only WIMM One. I can even expand it even more, with a touch of a menu, I can have all the nearest POI shown on my WIMM One.
A simple remote controller for applications/devices that can be controlled over the network.

It looks like "Competition is open to residents of the US", so you'll get this idea for free ;)
An app to control the phone. Set the phone to vibrate mode or keep sound on. Similarly, control the audio, control camera, silence the phone when ringing.
I'd synchronize the watch to an Android phone running a "just dance" type of game. You copy the dance moves displayed on the phone, and use the watch as an accelerometer based controller for the game.
Since the watch has bluetooth, hook it up to some robots.
Use the bluetooth to get bioinformatic data, such as pulse, blood pressure, brain scans,etc.
An app that would send a phone call to voicemail or respond with a canned text message.
I wanna make a social app that brings the latest updates from facebook, twitter, and google plus to your watch.
This would work well as a wrist-born multimedia controller. You could use it to control your favorite music app when your phone is docked or in your pocket/purse, manipulate a movie when your tablet is propped up for watching or docked to a TV, or as a wireless control for Google TV.
This could both be a control/thinclient to my Android phone as well as a remote for Google TV.
I could see myself making star-trek-like calls and such through this, as well as controlling a Google TV or other bluetooth device with the tap of the screen! This could even be used to remotely start my car!
A micro app I have been developing on the emulator for the last month is an app called MindfulWatch.

This app is for persons with ADHD and other behavioral-related issues. MindfulWatch has two modes of interaction:
Training Mode and Reminder Mode.

In training mode a user selects one self help message and is alerted at a fixed interval throughout the
day to, for example, the message Relax might be scheduled every 15 minutes within a time span (e.g. 9:00am - 4:00pm)

1) The user selects a a relevant phrase {list of 15 items} and the ability to create a custom phrase
2) The user selects a fixed interval in minutes/hour for the message alert (1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes)
3) The user selects a start and end time (e.g. 6:00am to 5:00pm)

A training alert (vibration) will last 10 seconds and will automatically repeat again in 20 seconds.

In Reminder Mode a user can create up to 10 reminders a day. These alerts remind you to do specific tasks
throughout the day at prespecified times.

These alerts occur daily.

Another micro app I would like to see designed is the transmission of metadata related to email messages and SMS texts.
The idea would be to provide a web-based interface for creating a filter defining what messages should be sent to the WIMM device. For example, messages that might be important can be forwarded via Bluetooth to the device (either the entire message or an indication that there has been a message received). In terms of email, a list of message titles and sender, and an interface to select which messages you would like to download/view on the device.

micro app..
body temperature monitor, a "time to take the pill" app, car/bike/baby finder..
Micro app: Shopping list, scrolling on your watch would look a lot cooler than that piece of paper that your wife wrote you and you follow. Aside, how often did you have to go back in the rain to get the list you forgot in the car?
Dvd/Blu ray database, to not miss on sales because you forgot if you already rebought the movie you owned on dvd or not.
BT pair with phone, you walk out of range because you left your phone behind, it alarms you and you can retrieve the phone before someone runs off with it.
Tthere is no microphone or speaker(but there is a buzzer and vibrator), and no removable memory in this device.
An emergency information app. Incase you ever get into to trouble, like you're knocked unconscious and bleeding, this app will have all the most vital information that would be accessible. Who to call if it's an emergency, your blood type, what health procedures you've had and so on.
Find my car: We can store the GPS co-ordinate when the car is parked (of course on a outdoor environment). The,the device can show the car's position in direction wise - where is my car?

This can show distance from car, time of parking, direction,elevation etc.

If GPS in WIMM doesn't work, can use GPS of the device ;)

Just my thought!!!

Dd 123
Well that was a major... Thought "this tread" was the original blog, didn't see the link. So my simple app would be to add a voice recognition app to do SMS sent via the cell phone.
A pill reminder app to keep track of pills and remind user to take a pill. The main app will run on the phone or tablet and send notifications Wimm device. It can also notify if the user is running low on medicines or in case of emergency provide a Burton to place a call to 911.
An app monitoring your sleep cycles and being able to wake you up when you will feel most awake.
I work for a company that furnishes simulators for the process and power industries. My first thought was to use this device as an interface to the simulator, but the more I thought about it, I think these devices would be an excellent way to direct workers / employees in situations where communications are difficult, i.e. noisy and/or dimly lit areas; missing child photos to the police force of an entire city; coordination and dissemination of information to first responders. Vital information to a large number of people at the same time.
How about some clocks? I mean the ones that are already on there are nice, but I'm thinking that they could be more. Using a client on a computer a user could customize their clock with an UI, picking from a variety of watch faces, hands, numbers and the like they could make a watch to their liking. This could also be done for a Digital face, allowing for color change, position, and sizing. Same for a binary style, and possibly even some watch faces inspired by the famous TokyoFlash line. Things like weather and Inbox micro-widgets could be placed on the face allowing for even more customization. And once the user is done using the UI to build it they can sync it over Wi-fi like the rest of the settings. I think it'd be really awesome if users could also use custom background images, I'm sure this device needs more cats on it.
A museum guide. A multi-language, location-aware app that can tell you in-depth information on the the exhibit you are currently viewing. Audio can be added via a bluetooth headset.
Ideally, this should work without the need for a phone, so the WIMM devices can be rented out to visitors for the duration of their stay. Since GPS will not be available in this setup and would probably not work indoors anyway, I'm thinking something like Bluetooth beacons for determining location.
I'd like to see a quick reference for trig and other math classes.
Sha T
A new application with infrared which can learn from the multiple IR remote control and it can act as a universal remote control too, Also its has to be water proof, and will be used for WiFi hot spot locator or indicator. This all will give value added feture to the new WIMM.
A shared chrome web browser Google with the phone a GPS function
An app that sends GPS location of my kids for Parents to monitor kids location, driving speed, etc......
the ability to use the wimm as a viewfinder for the camera on your phone for when your holding out the phone catch an angle you can't see or when you are taking photos of yourself etc..
What would be really awesome is to have a micro apps that allow us to view our email notification on the WIMM when we receive them so we can check it instantly.. Plus, what would be really awesome would be able to initiate or answer a call from the WIMM if another handset is connected to the smartphone, so we could do everything from the watch without even having to pull out the phone while being in crowded place! Anyway, this awesome!
Nfc app that pays everywhere from cash register to parking meter to online etc from the watch
A team viewer like app that views a smaller version of ur phone and skins wimm to ur phones ui
After successfully entrering my 16 alphanumeric wifi password (after 2 failed attempts) I'd like to see a better text input method. I realize space is limited, but even a text/number/special character toggle (maybe capslock too) would make entering complex strings easier. BTW, love my WIMM and my co-workers would like one of their own to play with, and so would I!

Oops! Guess I'm a couple days late. :-S
Winners will receive their WIMM Developer Kits this week.

App to display the list of any current notifications on the phone .....
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