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The acclaimed Email by EasilyDo for iOS arrives to the Google Play store
This is by far one of the best email clients that’s been seen on the iOS ecosystem and it so happens to have just been released on Android. While we have plenty of choices when it comes to email applications on our device  EasilyDo  claim to fame is it’s li...

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Globally - Android dominates and Blackberry has disappeared
Imagine this.  You're in a room of 1000 people.  817 of them are using Android.  179 of them are using iOS, 3 of them are using Windows, one weirdo has something completely different. Yet, nobody seems to be holding a Blackberry. from Gartner That room is t...

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What is LG going to do with that 2:1 screen ratio - have a peek
Just a few more days until LG finally takes the wraps off of their new G(X) device, the G6.  I'm so looking forward to it (trying to hear from LG about an event I can attend to check it out). The interesting bit about this phone is that it'll be a 5.7" scre...

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The Room 3 - Chapter 4-4 playthrough
Finally finished the 4th chapter. Sorry if there's a bit of a glitch I had a notification pop up. So, Finished 4, now to go on to 5 ... now to go back to the main room.  Maybe I can finally get to use that key or that cube... maybe something with those tele...

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Moto G4 Plus is now getting Android 7.0 (Nougat)
Yup, the Moto G4 Plus is now getting the Nougat update.  Ahead of the Moto Z Play, so I'm impressed Moto... well done! The update is 800MB, so it'll take some time to download, but Nougat brings some nice new features. I'm surprised how quickly I've become ...

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It was FUD for sure - Stagefright 'had no confirmed cases'
Now, you can look at this as either proof of folks trying to hype up the FUD out there [ F ear U ncertainty and D oubt] or could it be ( ready your tinfoil hats ) a way for someone to sweep more under the rug. Do you remember Stagefright?  It was a few year...

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More Moto Mods in the works
The struggle is real my friends.  I have to be honest.  Every day I pick up my Moto Z, I see my G5 next to it.  I prefer the size/shape of the G5, and the better camera ... but what keeps me choosing the Z is the mods.  It's all about the mods. But, we're s...

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Living the USB-C life in a world of microUSB
So, convention standards change.  I get that.  I'm not one for change, and usually I'm the last to jump on a new standard, or at least having to have someone fully explain the reason for the change before I take the plunge (but, if I understand and it makes...

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2 new Android Wear watches - LG Watch Sports and Watch Style
A new Android Wear version, and with it 2 new devices to show it off best the new features.  Both are made by LG, Simply named they are the Watch Sport and the Watch Style. So, my preference lately has been with the sports types, so let's look at that first...

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Android Wear 2.0 is coming (potentially) to a watch near you
Version jumps are a big thing.  Going from Windows 7 to 8 (and then to 10, because... yeah, just because)... Android 6.0 to Android 7.0... often it's big changes and we WAAANT it. For a while, Google had talked about and potentially mentioned what the new v...
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