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Some how I feel that this might be HTC's demise.
Somehow I feel that this has something to do with Microsoft. I might be reaching, but both of Microsoft largest Windows Phone partners now have licensing deals with Apple.

We've seen how little Apple values their competitors patents vs. their own, so it seems a little strange that all of a sudden they decide to play nice.
I agree, about time. Companies need to be focusing on hardware and updates for phones, not court battles.
Apple finally finished with it's chew toy.
I guess it can be done. Obviously the bad blood with Apple and Samsung is worse... 
Not necessarily. Often these sorts of details are confidential.
I still don't trust Apple. I wonder how much this license cost HTC?
This license probably isn't costing HTC anything. Microsoft's paying the bill. :)
Typing This Message On My HTC Evo 4G LTE. #BAM
Ryan Ng
Typing this message on my MacBook (sorry HTC)

My father has a HTC EVO 4G LTE phone. My mother has an iPhone 4S. They cannot agree on which type of phone is better.
HTC is not a major player any more so yeah apple will settle 
Ryan R.
Wow, i just can't believe Apple can agree to a settlement. Maybe because the other party is HTC, not Samsung. :D
Anyway, still good seeing news like this, a breath of fresh air LOL.
Ryan Ng
+Ryan R. Yeah I agree, pretty much because Samsung is Apple's mortal enemy :)
+Stuart Minchington  I prefer Android phones (I use a Hackintosh & love OSX) over iOS and I think HTC makes some of the best hardware. The best experience IMO is using an HTC One X (or S) and then rooting it to run an close to stock ROM like Cyanogen or AOKP. This is not for everyone (or most people) but I enjoy the tinkering aspect. I'm on the fence about the new Nexus 4 because of LG's reputation with hardware.
I assume that this agreement heavily favors Apple
+Stuart Minchington I used to have an iPhone, then moved to an HTC desire (awesome phone) unfortunately I broke it. Then an LG O3D (LG sucks at software updates) now a Galaxy Nexus (Best phone I've ever owned or used) and don't have any intention of going anywhere near an iPhone after having used Android.
They should make a phone together

So no matter what phone you buy apple gets money? ... next news story "HTC rasies prices, customers complain"
+Stuart Minchington No, The Gnex Hasn't Gotten 4.2 Yet. It Should Be Very Soon, As They Are Nexuses. However, If I Were You, I'd Avoid Verizon. They, For Some Reason, Feels The Need To Interfere Between The Nexus & Its Updates. Verizon's Gnexes Just Got 4.1 In September, Months After Gnexes On Other Carriers Got Theirs. (Sprint) So Yeah, Verizon Would Be The Problem If Timely Updates Are A Priority.
B Lloyd
4.2 Jelly Bean will be out on Nov. 13 two more days
Also, the HTC DNA is going to be announced on the 13th by HTC and Verizon.
+Jamal Adam You Getting It? The Specs On It Is Unreal..1080 x 1920 Pixels, 5-Inch Screen, And A 1.5 Processor..
Galaxy Nexus updates will be delayed, due to the LTE support.  The carriers have to get involved with and approve the updates first, which is why the Nexus 4 does not have LTE while it's twin the Optimus G does.

And of course this heavily favors Apple.  HTC will pay a total of $5m for patents on such features as rounded corners, while Apple will pay $3.50 for LTE hardware, and anything else HTC develops in the next ten years.
+Jayy Williams I would if it was one T-Mobile, I hate Verizon and this seems to be an exclusive device, which I find to be disappointing. However, I will most likely get the Nexus 4 sometime next month or early in January.
Apple doesn't settle, they try to destroy, look at Samsung. Apple could have settled at any time, even when the judge said they could lose, but they want to crush the opposition. It makes headlines, it boosts their ego.
No fanboys, I think you'll find that apple was told by their lawyers that they had no hope of winning and to save face settle out of court. If apple was going to win then they would have forced HTC to either close their doors or go into a merger. And the secrecy of the settlement means it cost apple, otherwise they would be puffing their chest and preaching about the dangers of copying their so called innovations. 
+Stuart Minchington
Neither HTC one x nor any other android device crashes add you ask. Rooting procedure has done to allow to change every aspect of the phone, not only sounds, wallpaper or icons. Changing Rom (firmware) allows user to choose the best for his needs. Nexus 4 is shipped with android 4.2 and if I don't remember wrong it will be also on the old one. Trust me give android a try, you will love it.
It's starting to look "cheesy." Just sayin..
this is how quality companies solve their problem...go HTC!!!
Next step... Samsung buys HTC and gets the licenses it needs to end all these stupid lawsuits
HTC couldn't afford a billion dollar settlement
HTC had a lot more to lose here. I'm glad Samsung decide to fight, because Apple is way too full of itself. You can't patent air, but Apple probably would try if it could.
Matt L
10 years from now they both might be irrelevant
Matt L
I think Goodyear should sue Michelin they look too much alike. I'm sure they would find another dozen morons for the jury.
+Stuart Minchington I only use well tested Roms so stability is rarely, if ever ,an issue. The scary part is usually the initial rooting of the phone. I've never bricked a device but it's always a possibility. 
More to the point what is OSX/IOS... Roots all lye within free BSD,Linux,Unix  They were just very clever with tweaks and skins. And of course all those lovely patent lawyers... I totally understand protecting your products, but seriously !
Apple may be forward thinking to potential design challenges as the iPhone doesn't have much room for visual improvement without stepping on the "design toes" of other handsets out now. They'll need some wiggle room or their heavy litigation habits may come back to haunt by the lawsuit die by the lawsuit.
Nay lad they do very good computers, but just got it very wrong with the iPhone 5....
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