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Of course, this doesn't apply to those of us on Verizon, who can't break the contract of their family plan. 
This is a no-brainer.  Chances are your existing Galaxy Nexus can be sold for about $200.  If so, then for a net, out-of-pocket cost of $100 you get a brand new phone with significant upgrades in processing power, camera, RAM and a much better screen.  
I'm on Verizon and considering this... currently paying $70/mo on family share plan (not bad).... still have 12 months left on my contract (ETF = $230).... ETF + phone = $600... If I sell my Nexus for about $230, that takes care of the ETF and the $370 out of pocket come back little by little over the next 12 months saving money on T-mo (savings of $30/mo so a total of $360)..... All that said, anything is possible...for some people ;) 
Am i the only one that has gotten burnt every single lg phone I've had that i don't have the slightest interest in this one?
Is it worth getting instead of the Galaxy S 3. I have one now and considering it but I am not sure that I want to leave the LTE speeds that I have 
I guess as of right now this applies to people not on Verizon. LTE is awesome and the Nexus 4 doesn't have it and doesn't need it so I've heard. But that means if you are on Verizon you should probably wait. 
+Adam Swallie I was also hesitant because of LG's past failures. But the reviews have been stellar with the only complaint being a lack of LTE (which isn't available yet where I live).  Also, I do want to see and support competition for Samsung.  
+Adam Swallie you have a point... but the Nexus is the Nexus, to be honest, once you go Nexus you will hate Touchwiz, HTC sense or all of that BS they try to force down on you.

They delay updates and slow down phones. I'll be surprised If a galaxy S III phone sees the 4.2 update before the year's end (if they see it at all...) 

The main reason the NEXUS brand has never been as popular is because companies (HTC, Samsung) make less money on them because the phone gets more restrictions from Google in terms of price and software
+Matt Diroff good service is relative... it all depends where you live.. and that's why I'm only "considering" it so far as I have yet to know about T-mo's dc-hspa+ in my area... a friend got the gnex on T-mo already and has more than decent service and speeds... I don't think the N4 will get worse... I get about 20Mbps down on 4G LTE in my area (full bars)... I heard of some people getting better speeds on hspa+ in other areas... so I guess you can never be too also depends on what type of user you are... I travel abroad and a CDMA device doesn;t really help me... it just depends on too many factors to be able to generalize..
I know i won't be buying this phone personally, past lg experiences aside. LTE is big got me along side a few other features i would have changed slightly. I have faith my galaxy nexus can last me at least one more year when I'll be buying my next phone out right. Better start saving now...
+Ace Ferdinand agreed, just messin. :-) But my Gnex, rooted and ROMed, on LTE, absolutely flies. I can't imagine information getting to space and back much faster than my virtually instant response time right now. 
I decided to upgrade my GF Nexus S to my GNex so I can buy the N4 for me. Everybody wins :-)
I'll be upgrading. GN to my wife, N4 to me. Upgrade for both of us! I do miss the HSPA+ 42mbps speeds I was getting on the GS2 before I switched to Nexus. I would average 12-15mbps. On the GNex HSPA+ 21mbps I only see about 5mbps or so, which is noticeably slower. Can't wait for the upgrade! More cores, better GPU, more RAM, faster network, better screen, way better camera, wireless charging.

Things I will miss: the curved screen (looks nice and keeps screen from scratching when faced down), headphone jack on bottom (easier placement for my car setup), and pogo pins (mainly the thought of it as I never got around to getting a dock that uses them). 
I am definitely upgrading. My Gnex seems to be getting slower, even after wiping. Camera quality is getting worse
Yes, you should totaly cause it has a way better proccessor, build, camera, and LCD2 screen
+Mike Nowacki your first answer should've summed it up for everyone. It seems so straight forward yet people act like its a hard decision.
I'm gonna wait to see if Google may throw in a 32gb like they did with the n7
+t Harris They'll eventually do that, but it'll be a few weeks after you go ahead and buy the 16gb. The sooner you buy it, the less painful that will be when the 32gb comes. 
If it was coming to sprint I would(darn cdma, but i love the Google voice integration). I currently have the galaxy nexus & would prefer to have a vanilla android device with no hardware buttons...why do only nexus devices offer this?
GNexus has been the best phone I've ever had. Can't imagine anything better, but nexus 4 seems like it could be great so it better not let me down
givin the gnex to my girlfriend. it'll be a nice upgrade from her old mytouch4g glacier lol. im stealing her upgrade on tmobile and gettin this nice nexus4 at a discount. woot
Sold my old one s, using the cash to purchase my n4. Recently bought a tmo gs3 and will upgrade my wife to a relay 4g (she has to have a physical keyboard). Everyone wins!
+Mike Nowacki that's my plan EXACTLY. Dump this gn (toro plus) for a deuce and get my Nexus 4 on using prepaid. One step closer to freedom. Now I need to build that htpc I've been meaning to build to be free from my provider dvr steaming pile of cr*p.
I ain't upgrading. Not a chance. I'm sticking to my Galaxy nexus till I see the next nexus period. 
I'm with verizon til july '14. Not gonna take my uggrade in feb, as I don't wanna lose my unlimited data and to see what the carrier frontier looks like then. Maybe a prepaid and whatev nexus is out at that point. The toro gnex is still a fine device though.
+Phil Nickinson  think there should be two columns: Upgrade from your Verizon/Sprint Galaxy Nexus, or upgrade from your Play Store Nexus.
Gnex battery life suuuuuucks. I would upgrade. 
Sorry Google/LG. I will not be upgrading. I am very content with my Galaxy Nexus and am not happy with the Nexus 4 design. I will however take you on the Nexus 10. Deal ?
The battery life does suck on the gnex. I just bought a spare and a wall charger, and now can comfortably go 24 hours without having to plug in.
Did you mention that list has gorilla glass as well?
Wooo tuff decision!!..gotta test drive it..lg=ewww. But I'll give it a shot
If I hang on to my Galaxy Nexus for another year it will be worth nothing and the Nexus 5 (or whatever it's called) may be far more expensive if not made by LG.

So, trade in the GNex now and get max value for it and buy the Nexus 4, which is an absolute bargain at £269. Whilst in the store, get a Nexus 10 to complete the package!

Stop fighting it, you know what to do!
Wooo tuff decision!!..gotta test drive it..lg=ewww. But I'll give it a shot
I am in love with my Galaxy Nexus its gorgeous...and I recently decided that I won't be buying high end smart phones as I rarely use it as a phone and have an iPad and am getting a Nexus 7. £200 for a Nexus 7 £500 for a regular top end smartphone. Admittedly £300 for the Nexus 4 is fantastic, but the contract pricing still marks it at the £500 phone price =\. So sadly I won't be upgrading but love that Google are really getting into the game with near cost price quality products #NexusLove
+Bo Sayles I'm rooted, on verizon. I should mention that 12 hours is with 3+ hours screen time. On cm currently. From what I gather, that's about average.
I'm definitely upgrading from my Sprint GNex to an unlocked Nexus 4. Already ordered my T-Mobile SIM card. I'm done with cell phone contracts.
I wish everyone would walk away from cell phone contracts, it would eventually make the whole market more competitive, in favor of the consumer. I for one, am sick of seeing mark-up upon mark-up all around the world.
I'm having this feeling that the next
Nexus is going to be made by LG too. They are the only company that can put awesome hardware and sell it in a very affordable price. If Samsung made the Nexus 4 it will only probably have 1GB of ram a quadcore exynos, no wireless charging, a plastic construction and a pentile screen 
Well what I'm going to do is get it on T-Mobile to try it out and keep my vzw gnex (paid for by work anyways). If a vzw version comes out I'll dump T-Mobile and sell the gsm version. If not I guess I'll have two phones for a year lol
Definitely purchasing one as soon as they become available on the Play Store. Sell my GN for around $200 and it makes the Nexus 4 a rather cheap and very worthy upgrade. :)
Lg nexus is a great phone indeed, but still Galaxy nexus isn't far behind. 
With my current phone samsung galaxy nexus, i don't NEED nexus 4 but i WANT it..:D
Since battery life on the #Nexus4 seems to be a big disaster, i'm not really sure anymore...
But the build quality could definitely convince me!
+Tobias Fuss How can you tell if the battery life is a big disaster? The phone isn't available yet and reviews have mixed opinions. 
Yeah, I'd wait for the ota upgrade coming in the next day or two to judge the battery life. My guess is that it'll be pretty darn good actually.
No Lte, not for me... I'll get a S3...
+Ernest Marvin Esteban Don't have one, yet!
I'm still hoping that battery life is better in the final version, but basically all the reviews tell, that it's pretty poor (4,2h vs 8,2h on the iPhone 5, while surfing)
So we can only wait and see...
Could if T-Mobile had the coverage Verizon has too bad at&t is just as evil as Verizon but with less coverage or I'd go that way too.
Welcome Nexus 4.. My current Galaxy Nexus will be a gift for my kid.. 
James W
Simple, the answer is no. The Nexus 4 has a major flaw that draped it when Google first thought about production. LG would be that flaw. The company is notorious for bringing crab hardware and software into the states.
I'm on Verizon so the N4 will be my cost effective way to test the AT&T/T-MO waters via Straight talk. I have almost a year until contract end so I'll purchase after 1st of the year. Historically only Verizon lets me get calls at home. So I'll have time to see what my coverage is, including using VoIP while at home if needed. 
James W
+Ernest Marvin Esteban being able to control the processor is an awesome feature.  Finally phones coming out that you can use all day without needing to charge it.
Purchased the old Nexus from AmazonWireless for 1 penny. Works great with 4GLTE. Don't need the Nexus 4.
Say I have a Galaxy Nexus on VZW. What do I need to do to get an N4 working on VZW? I'm guessing I need a new SIM card to put in it and that's it.

Thanks for the help, guys. 
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