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good plan
Might I suggest that Google and all other tech companies just have their fall events in Dallas TX from now on? Less likely to be called because of natural disasters. All winter through spring events should be held in Orlando Florida for the same reason and all summer events in Portland Maine. :) Sorry to leave California out of it but earthquakes can happen at anytime.
Earthquakes are safer to be around than being around natural weather disasters! So from now on Bring all future events here to the Northern California Sun! 
well, there's no earthquakes on the canadian shield, and we are inland, so no tsunamis or hurricanes. sometimes we get some crazy winter weather, but it's usually not that bad - and the summer weather is pretty decent here too. 

please? it would be nice to actually be able to go to some of these big events once in a while.
Welp....looks like the 29th is going to be exclusively Windows' day, with their big Windows Phone 8 reveal
+David Siebert earthquakes here in CA that you can feel are rare and even only a small fraction of those actually make the news.
+Justin Hall  But CA gets too many tech events as it is. Share the love man. I live in Florida and would love to go to Google IO. 
I'm in California and earthquakes are rarely destructive. Hurricanes and tornadoes are guaranteed to create damage. Any earthquakes that do any type of damage are always outside of major cities like San Diego, Los Angeles or the Bay Area. The only exception was the 1989 earthquake in San Francisco.
San Diego, California next time
Weather is just great around this time 
That is it. I can give you 99.999% chance that January to May will be hurricane free in Florida. As far as I know there has not been one in recorded history while several significant earthquakes have hit California in recorded history. Google IO in Orlando in May. :)
+Jeff Bower from what I know about California earthquakes is sounds like unicorn farts are pretty scary. 
Google and tmobile should just move their events to Las Cruces, NM.
I forgot about Northridge. The freeways were a mess in LA but that won't happen again. The freeways have all been retrofitted. 
Wait... T-Mobile had an event coming? That's news in itself. 
I know I'm beating a dead horse +John Kinloch but how are retrofitted roads going to help buildings from collapsing?!? Those highways have yet to be tested, and structures crumbled during Northridge
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