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How long until their blocking 3rd-party clients hurts the popularity of their social network?
Glad I bought the app about a month ago. The reason why ppl don't/won't leave Twitter like they did Myspace is because Twitter isn't moderated. Anything goes on there and ppl love that freedom.
People need to release those tokens if they're no longer using the app
How do token allotments work as far as developer/client? Falcon is both an app and a separate widget, and if you have both installed you are signed into each separately. Does that take up two of that developer's tokens? 
I hope Falcon doesn't stop updating the app.
If I knew how to release "tokens" on any app, I sure would.
 And I would like an answer to Jeremy's comment too. Thanks
The falcon widget had a seperate token pool, and it is still accepting new authentications at this time.

To release tokens, go to twitter settings from a computer, and select 'revoke access' from the app menu.
I think developers should stop making twitter apps
+Raza Qadri surely that's exactly what twitter wants so that they then control everything and it's all the same and I for one don't want that
+Peter Wilson I have tried every app out there but I am still using official app it works better than any app out there
+Raza Qadri Carbon is the only twitter app out of all 3rd party that I have tried and liked, and continue to use. Give it a go if you haven't already. 
+Benny Davis i already use it when my TL is not that active Because of the ducking refresh limit. I hope Carbon adds stream functionality
<----Staying with plume
I have tried just about every Twitter app from TweetDeck to Carbon. Falcon Pro works the best for me. The easy accessibility of lists is what made it for me.
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