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If the padfone has not been a success to date, I think it's time for them to call it quits. 
It is a useful thing to have without all that syncing nonsense. Of course, is the price worth it or is it better and cheaper to just a new tablet and phone? 
I was hoping for a Tegra 4 Tablet.  This will never come to the US.
For $1300 I can have both a TF700 tablet and a Galaxy SIII and they are at very least two complete devices, not just a phone and a screen with battery.
+Kane Wang the point is that you can share one SIM card, one filesystem with two devices. 
ASUS really needs to bring these to the US. Yes the carriers are never going to subsidize and support this device but who cares. Let US buy it unlocked. I need full T-Mobile support 
Awesome, I got my padfone 2 like 2 months ago and it's allready outdated!
not outdated, this is a different product. its x86.
I think this is a great concept. I for none would buy something like this, I already have a Lapdock 500 Pro for my Motorola phone. However, I am obviously in the minority as one that embrases this type of product. Even though this is an excellent way to have a phone & tablet, for some reason it just hasn't taken off. Not sure why.
+Daniel Smith I might just have to do that. The only down side is that not all the T-Mobile radios/frequencies are supported, only 1900MHz I believe :-/
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