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Mike M.
Am I the only one who's happy with a stock home screen?
Looks good, shame it isn't on the UK store yet.
Looks great! I'll definitely check it out.
The "covers" functionality looks pretty nice. I'm not about to drop $3.99 for it though.
When it comes to launchers nowadays I see different experiences, but not necessarily better than stock. For me anyways.
+Andre McPhail A free version with fewer features or an add in the settings would be a good starting point.
Looks good...dogging the folders "cover" trick. Your move nova launcher
Tablet compatible? Easy launching with thumbs with a swipe in menu.
I really like my SSLauncher. Haven't seen any others that give me such a good experience.
+Mike Marinelli I'm with you on this one haha I rather have stock Android launcher on my Nexus 😃
+Richard Devine I can get to it via the link in the article, but when I search for it in the UK play store, it doesn't show up.
Well for me on my 10" tablet this is working quite nicely. I put a row of favorite apps down the right side (thumb reach) and filled the desktops with useful widgets, and everything else is easily reached via the right hand pull out menu. FYI You can swipe in the left hand menu from any desktop by "catching" the thin black area on the left and swiping inward, this took me a bit to get used to, and the dev has said he'll make the home button more configurable.
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