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Man I wish this phone was available to all carriers
Galaxy Note 2 is still better hardware. Ill pass on this.
A year and a half ago, I drunk the +HTC ThunderBolt Kool Aid because it was touted as their flagship phone on +Verizon Wireless . So, I trusted, & picked up two units. Today, my +HTC ThunderBolt remains a dinosaur running 2.3.4

So, while this device looks promising & appears to have all the best the current +Android OS has to offer, there is little to no reason to believe #HTC and #VZW will support it into the future.

+Verizon Wireless & +HTC ThunderBolt please come up on +Google+ and tell the +Android Community where I'm incorrect?
Yeah that ThunderBolt was a bust for being the 1st LTE're right about that.
+Andre Hentz I have the same phone and feel the same way.sure this pone looks pretty promising but I don't want to end up in the same spot again like I did with the thunderbolt..granted my phone is still working 
+Andre Hentz Im guilty of drinking the kool-aid too. To be honest I really just wante the unlimited 4G contract, but the phone itself was nothing short of horrible for me. Some of the reasons you listed are the reasons why im dumping HTC and probably Verizon too. What HTC needs to do i focus on one device and drop it on all carriers.
+Flip beatzz & +Dion Samuel - the stronghold the Telcos have over the OEMs in this country is baffling. I honestly wish +Google would launch its own satellite constellation and become a service provider (assuming Congress would allow it).

That said, I'll remain with #VZW for the foreseeable future because here in Washington, DC their network is top notch. But, I'll absolutely be picking up a couple of +SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 s in Feb 13 when my discounted-renewal option kicks in.

Happy Hunting 
I can care less about the carriers support...I root all my phones, forget waiting for updates from the carriers... just want that new snapdragon processor & push it beyond its limits...Too bad its only exclusive to Verizon...HTC usually have topnotch hardware...I am planning to hop on that GNote2 also...
+SYB King  Same here.  I have an Evo 4G LTE and I rooted that sucker the minute I got it.  CyanogenMod 10 FTW
Nice piece of device you got there +Manny Fleurmond ...I own that device as well & the Galaxy S3...I gotta give one up for the GNote2...but damn I would give one up for this Droid DNA too though.
+SYB King - I hear ya, Brah. And it really does come down to user preferences. The pure +Google Nexus Line phones aren't the best for me, given the +SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2 has microSD, Stylus, 4G LTE, and removable battery support.

I know the team over at +CyanogenMod are straight up BadAzzes & will come up with something hot, but I honestly want some of what +Samsung USA is offering . . . Timely, and Responsive.
I won't purchase another +HTC phone after using the +Verizon Wireless HTC Thunderbolt either.  Worst phone ever.  Switched to Galaxy Nexus and love it.  Note looks better than this.  I don't trust HTC any more.  
+Shawn Medeiros Agree that the ThunderBolt was a burner. But the One X and One S (and presumably the One V - I never used it for any great length) are definitely leaps and bounds above the 'Bolt. I'm gonna try an 8X soon, too.
+Andre Hentz I love Samsung because they always leaked there builds for ota updates before the carriers push them of the reasons I stay rooted.
Hmm... Excellent hardware no doubt. However, I will not give HTC a second thought until they get rid of "Sense" once and for all. That horrid skin is very offensive to my design sensibilities.
+Dion Samuel in what way? The note may have a higher clock speed but this phone has the highest ppi on any screen and has a s4 pro, which is a amazing processor. If it was unlocked and unbranded it would be my next phone. 
wonder if they are just going to recycle the one x camera again for this device
My bolt on sense sucked running cm7.2 now and has no issues it replaced an iPhone four for my gf when I got my rezound and she's cool with it
Anyone complaining about carriers not providing updates or about Sense are really missing out on the benefits of Android.  I will have a DNA, and it will be rooted and running CyanogenMod by the end of November.
+Ryan Hillstead On many tech sites the Samsung processor beats the s4 pro in most bench marks. While the hardware is similar, I think the addition of the spen adds functionality. I dont think many users could even tell the difference of a few ppi and would rather the larger screen. And this is coming from a HTC fan boy. I Have owned the eris, incredible and the thunderbolt and the thunderbolt has left a bad taste in my mouth. but I do see your point that the hardware is very similar, but I think the advantage goes to the GN2.
+Dion Samuel I can't wait to see the comparison of the benchmarks when it comes out...but more importantly the battery life of this DNA, since it's the 1st snapdragon quadcore in the U.S... how big is the battery on this device? I didn't check yet...
+SYB King Im not sure about the battery size DNA yet but, its going to be pretty tough to beat the GN2 or the Razr Maxx, while they are both sporting a 3100+mah batteries.
+SYB King not the first quad core snapdragon s4 pro in the US! LG optimise G, and the Nexus 4 are out and running that processor
+Phil Nickinson I'm having trouble choosing from the HTC DNA or Nexus 4! Do you think if I get the DNA and root and flash stick android will I have the same experience as if I would to pick up a Nexus 4 which more likely I would be flashing aokp on the Nexus 4?
+Hector Bribiesca oh yeah your right... I forgot about those 2 phones... it slipped my mind because I had no intentions of buying LG just yet...but excited to see them coming out with awesome phones finally.
Not a Nexus device...nothing to see here.
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