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Verizon Moto X
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Is there an android phone that has HDMI/ MHL, SD-Card, OTG and is well supported by modding developers (such as XDA) for things like root, ROMs and stuff.
Dang..I accidentally +1'd a Verizon Post...meeh..I can't deny that it's a nice phone.
Ain't nobody want to see the front. Show me dat ass 
This better not be only coming to Verizon
Still can't get into the look of anything Moto..
Maybe they won't officially announce it. They'll just have it in store with no announcement. Might as well at this point =p
+Grant Smith Didnt notice that, why hasn't it always been this way? It should be, thats kinda cool.
i think we all know what it looks like. I need some specs and price.
What's up with that masked right upper corner of the phone, it's been covered on all so called leaked photos 
Unless the phone has MHL/ HDMI out, OTG, and an SD-Card slot, I'm not impressed. Then again, I've yet to find a phone like that.
Any other details? Source? Confirmed? I know it's mostly about what's on the inside and how functional it is but seriously, they couldn't have even tried to make it look different from the last 3 Nexus phones?
Too bad it's a Verizon exclusive.

I liked Motorola better when it wasn't Verizon's loyal bitch.
looks like the nexus s????
90% sure thats android 4.2.2 if not 4.3. Willing to bet that it's 4.3
Verizon exclusive? Do you not read or listen to: the internet, TV or anything for that matter in the past 2 months. Exclusive it is not.
Xu Xuan
Nothing special, unless it is sold cheaper than nexus4
+Jeff Miller There's still a chance it could be a Verizon exclusive unless this will be the Nexus 5 we're all waiting for.
The phone will most likely be free on contract and 2-300$ off contact
+Gabriel Ignacio Multiple reports have stated the Moto X will be available for all the major carriers.  The new Droid line of Motorola phones coming out will be exclusive to Verizon.
+Gabriel Ignacio They have already come out and said that this isn't going to be a Verizon exclusive. Done deal.
looks like a galaxy nexus with smaller bottom bezel.  I like it.
id honestly prefer if this phone didnt look like a Nexus....especially if the Nexus line is going to still exist after this comes out
Looks like nexus. I want flagship specs.
that looks almost exactly as the nexus s.
Though I like that it's being powered by some nice software features and hardware sensors exclusive to Motorola's technology and design, it does hurt that the hardware is mor comparable to phones released last quarter or mid tier phones released this quarter. I wish Google would release a phone that pushed both the hardware & software at the same time whether its with the Nexus line or the Google owned Motorola line.
This might keep me on Verizon when my GNex contract expires
Bo Chen
Looks like stock android
But no VZW branded home softkey?  Major fail, that was the only reason I buy VZW phones.
So if the phone is $300 or so dollars unlocked. Does anybody really think Verizon will actually sell the phone for that amount. I remember the Galaxy Nexus Unlocked was $349, yet the Verizon variant was $599. I'm just curious what everyone thinks. 
There is no good reason it would, considering it's not a verizon exclusive.
After seeing the picture of +Eric Schmidt holding this today, I can safely say this is the first phone I will use without a case.
+Nic Strike The Gs3 doesnt have OTG? It has MHL and SDCard.

I have a Xperia ION it has Micro HDMI, SD Card slot and OTG support out of the box :)
The dock looks terrible! Slim down those margins. Good thing for Nova.
Thats the thing I hate about the Nexus 10, and why I won't buy it. It has massive, and odd shaped margins.
Verizon is just going to jack the price like +Brandon Kindoll said they did with the GNex for an unlocked version.

But having real stock Android on VZW may be worth it ... None of that Blur 

I can't really speak on this as I am on T-Mobile with Nexus 4 and a Galaxy S4 running Google Edition ROM
Does that look like a 4.7 inch screen like the N4?
Use pie controls on custom nexus 10 then u get full screen again
Bringing back the Galaxy Nexus look I see... 
+Brandon Kindoll I think Verizon will jack up the price along with every other carrier. Look at what happened to the Nexus 4 and T-Mobile.

Screw the carriers. As long as Google sells from the Play Store, I'll buy from them.

I'm not on Verizon, so their locked down program doesn't affect me. Gsm till the end.
I just want to know the size of the screen because I can deal with a 4.7 inch phone but can't deal with a 4.3 inch screen. That is to small. 
Now I understand that the phone is going to have dual core processor but does people really need a quad core processor. I think if it is a Intel processor then we should get great battery life. 
But regardless I am going to get this on Tmobile and get me Razr Maxx on Verizon. 
+Nic Strike samsung galaxy s 3/4 and note 2 have what you're looking for. all the features you mentioned and well-supported ROM community. 
I hope it doesnt have a bunch of M branding on it when it launches.
The only thing that is cool is that you can change from panel...but is it not the same like you switch case on a phone?

I taught that they would make a panel with specific upgrade like a camera case or speaker or something I. That era that makes your phone just better than it is 
phone looks awesome, minus the white motorola M on the top
Are we all looking at the same phone? Its horrible, on screen buttons are a complete waste of space, bad move on googles part, capacitive buttons are much better :-) 
Wall Street Journal yesterday confirmed Moto X will be the "first flagship" from Motorola, will be sold by all major U.S. carriers, and will be released this fall with pricing competitive with iPhone 5, GS IV, and HTC One.
WSJ also reported customization of Moto X.
The phone color can be customized on front and back. The phone can also be engraved.
+Nic Strike My EVO 4G LTE has all those. CM support is great thanks to deck and as many Sense ROMs/MODs as you could want.
+Andy Dawson Have you tried on screen buttons? How are they a waste of space sense you would have to have capacitive buttons there anyway? With so many mods for Android, you can easily customize the on screen buttons and add more buttons as needed (or hide the whole navbar all together). The possibilities are endless... Capacitive buttons are extremely limited to the actions you can apply to press-and-hold combinations.
Apple was probably gonna sue Motorola for naming it the "X Phone" so they named it the "Moto X" instead ? lmfaoo xD
So its coming out as a carrier free device like Nexus 4?
looks like the nexus 4 with the logos photo-shopped 
It does not look like the N4. Look at the speaker. It's different. Is that the proximity/light sensor on the bottom?
+Shawn Cheever yeah I have a nexus10 using cm10.1.1 with pie controls because I hate the on screen buttons, the capacitive on phones aren't on the screen taking up screen space. If you are using a custom Rom to hide these buttons or using pie then you obviously agree with me.
A Moto waterproof phablet would be nice.
+Nic Strike The Galaxy Note Two has a SD card slot, MHL, OTG, a huge replaceable battery, a fast quad core chip, and NFC. 
PS: Oh, and it has an unlocked boot loader.
It doesn't look like the phone in Eric Schmidt's hand which is most likely the Moto X.
That looks almost identical to my samsung galaxy exhilerate. 
That's what I love about Samsung's phones, unlocked bootloader.
Actually, this is the Droid Ultra it looks like.
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